Salama from the Madagascar MSSM team!!!

Friday morning we were able to help out at the base with trash pick up and raking leaves. The team members had time after that to do some bath and laundry while Mr. Tim and the Malagasy Circuit Rider finished up getting the bikes ready. After lunch we were able to do some practicing on a route the Circuit Rider showed us. The team members did so well riding for their first time!!!

On Saturday we were able to go out to our first Sunday School!!! The rides to and from went incredibly well! (Thank the Lord) At the Sunday School the team members immediately began loving on all the kids and playing soccer, duck duck goose, and other games. The Circuit Rider eventually got everyone’s attention and began teaching a Bible Story. The team members sat in the audience with the kids and helped them with a coloring sheet. After that the team gave a presentation and sang a few fun songs for the kids. Then Ashton and Shobi taught a phonics lesson. After the lesson, the team members hung out and played games with the kids for another hour and a half. Joshua, Jonathan, and Judah made two teams for a soccer match, some little girls tried braiding our girls hair, and they just enjoyed each other’s company! It was a great first Sunday School and it got everyone super excited for the next 3 1/2 weeks of circuits!!! Saturday evening we enjoyed a “fun night” with the Malagasy staff and students! The staff and students presented for us a couple songs and choreographed dance then taught us a choreographed dance. Then we played a couple games with them to finish up the “fun night”.

Sunday morning church was spent at a small village church a short walk from the base. The church asked our team to sing three songs and introduce ourselves. It was awesome to experience a different cultures church service! After the walk back to base Miss Pat made a delicious lunch and the kids began working on their verse reviews. Verse review happens every Sunday and it is where the team members have to come to a leader and we review all the verses they’ve learned up to that point. After everyone completed the verse review the leaders told them we are going to the beach for the afternoon! The kids got changed quickly and we started getting the bikes ready for the ride. On the ride to the beach a few bikes had some mechanical problems, but we got to the beach and the team enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand! After the beach we rode back to base then got changed and rented a bus to take us to the local pizza place, Gastromnomies! It was a fun end to a fun day!

The team is doing well and have really come together! Continued prayers for health and safety are greatly appreciated. Specific prayers for the bikes being able to hold up and not have issues would also be appreciated! We thank you all for the love and support!


  1. Thankyou for the update! Continued prayers are being sent to God for the whole team. For good health, safety and the bikes to work safely and well Praying God will continue to Guide and and Direct. Guard and Protect All. Amen

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