Serving in South

Serving in South

It’s been an eventful week as we began our work project, evangelism ministry and hosted the Zimbabwe team for two nights! The weather has been cold, so some of us have added blankets and beanies to our personal gear… We’ve also enjoyed making fires each night for evening devotions!

The Teen Missions staff, students and volunteers (Eivind & Carol Bray) did an amazing job building all the parts for the Life-sized Replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. Before we can set it up, we are clearing the large area for the display (mostly dry grasses and thorn bushes). The team has also been leveling the ground in and around the display and filling the 40 silver bases to add weight. The courtyard and walls should begin going up this week the Lord willing.

On Friday, we walked around the local neighborhood and gathered children for one of the weekly MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission) lessons. Together with Quami (a TMI South Africa intern) we played organized games, shared drama, music, puppets, phonics and a Bible lesson with the kids (we mostly used English since some of the kids were Afrikaner and some spoke Tswana… a multi-cultural group!)

Today, we visited a lively local church and shared a full presentation. Emily and Sami did a great job sharing testimonies. The team gave the ‘Battleground’ drama, Child of the King puppet song & for the songs, Nathan played ‘drums’ while Faith, Abigail and Emily played their Ukuleles. Afterwards, we enjoyed our 1sttrue local South African meal cooked by some of the ladies from the church. A real blessing!

Here are some testimonies from some of our team members:

Haley S. — I am so excited to be back in Africa! Though South Africa is very different from Malawi, where I went last summer, there are still many similarities. Take church for example. There is so much more life and joy in the services. In the States, church services are so short. In Africa, the service will last for several hours but it doesn’t seem long. Also, in Africa the singing is lively and you feel free to worship. I’m loving it here in Africa and I wish all of you could experience it too.

Emily D. — South Africa has been amazing so far! It’s so fun to be able to meet so many people from so many backgrounds! The work has gone well so far, and the team has really gotten close! My favorite part is worshipping around the fire each night with our ukuleles and guitars. I can’t wait to see what else God does on our team and for the people around us the rest of the summer!


  1. Team… looks like you’re doing a great job of work and ministry. Keep it up and know that all you are doing is for the eternal value. These children at MSSM will remember long after you are gone what you
    taught them. I love all the photos… thanks leaders for posting them.

  2. Thank you so much for another much anticipated newsletter. The pictures are wonderful!!! Our hearts and minds and prayers are with you daily!! Keep up the great work!!

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