Where to begin….from Taiwan!

Where to begin….we have been putting in full days, and the we are so pleased with how hard your children work.  They put in two days of work around the church helping to complete some much needed cleaning and organizing.  Church members came and worked alongside of our team and together much was accomplished.  Saturday we spent time preparing a 20 minute program of music, puppets and drama that the kids performed for pre-K, kindergarten, and the elementary students of the church Sunday morning.  The kids had fun and loved seeing the Taiwanese children clapping along with our English songs.

After Church on Sunday, the congregation eats a meal together.  They prepared fried rice and a traditional soup for us.  The kids are enjoying the food!  The ladies left us enough for dinner as well, so KP enjoyed an easy day and yummy food!  

When lunch was over, we had an instructional meeting with all of the people who would be working at the VBS this week.  It gave our team a chance to get to know the Taiwan students they would be working with, as well as learn what would be expected of them this week.  After the meeting we had our first Verse quizzing session.  The kids did well and for the few that are behind, we had a good review time.  They are encouraging each other and helping each other which is growing them closer together as a team.  

After dinner and some much needed free time, we took the kids to the Night Market.  In my mind I thought it would be shopping, but in Taiwan, everything is about food!  They love to eat, and they have some amazing things.  Everywhere we went they had food vendors.  Lots of pastries, teas, fried foods, fruit, and much more…..Only a few spent their money on food, but all of them enjoyed seeing what the Night Market was all about.  We will have a chance to go to a Night Market in Taipei that has food, but also lots of vendors with souvenirs to buy as well.  The experience was a lot of fun and I think they all needed the chance to just get out and do something different.  We came back and had our evening devotions and Kenai shared some special verses with us about being called to be a missionary.  He has a heart for missions and it was awesome to have him share that with us last night.

Today is the first day of VBS and already the leaders have approached us to see if they can have our team do more leading in their individual groups.  There are 6 groups of probably 5 leaders and 10-15 kids.  The kids are so excited to learn some English, that tomorrow, our students will be teaching them some of our Boot Camp songs and playing the phonics games we learned at Boot Camp.  Our team is over the moon about this opportunity.  So fun to see their excitement.  It translates to the kids they are working with.

Each day that passes gives me a chance to get to know your children one on one as they work beside me in the kitchen.  I cherish these moments, and love hearing more about their lives.  What amazing children you have.  Thank you for entrusting them to us this summer.  Know that they are serving the Lord with joyful hearts, and all of them are enjoying Taiwan.

In the photos you will see Tim with his new Taiwanese instrument and with the fish he bought….he cooked it by the way and everyone loved it.  There are also photos from the work day and our performing on Sunday for the Sunday School classes.  Ice cream cones were from the Night market, and they introduced Russell as an American Police Officer today so all of the kids want a high five from him.

The kids all say hello and I just got their letters in the mail today!  Love to all of our friends and family.

Caleb H: Hey there fellow free-men of America.  Checking in from not-America.  Taiwan has been great.  We got to perform for little kids today and they were so cute I cried.  I have found true appreciation for God’s word by memorizing Joshua 18:23.

Mikaela C:  Hi.  Taiwan is muggy like Florida, but I like it.  They have good food here.  I like the noodles.  VBS is fun.

Morgan B:  Hey everybody!  Being in Taichung is amazing, we’re learning so much with every day spent in fellowship with the Panding church family.  I’m excited to work with the VBS program and know that God has great things in store for our team.  Thank you all for your prayers and support, and all my love to Dad, Mom, Mattie, and my Hillcrest family!

I want to give context to Anya’s comment below.  On day 1, one of our boys was giving our girls a compliment and said, “your hair is like a flock of goats”.  Ever since that day, they all say it to each other and it brings smiles and laughter….

Anya H: Hey y’all!  Taiwan is awesome.  The team is doing awesome, and everyday we all grow closer to God and each other.  It is such a blessing to minister to Panding Church.  We have found Song of Soloman 4:1b a verse to live by, and quote it all the time.  The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Aric R:  I’m having fun in Taiwan!  I’m also getting to help with VBS😊  We walked to the night market yesterday and I had the best ice cream!


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