Buenos dias! from Ecuador teens

Buenos dias!
Work is progressing well on project here in La Concordia. We have laid the first course of blocks for the building here at the Teen Missions property. We have also moved the equivalent of half a dump truck load of gravel to begin leveling the floor of this building. Part of the team has also been digging a hole for the septic tank that will be put in soon – the hole is big enough to fit a small SUV!
Sunday we got to visit a local church. While we didn’t know most of the songs, we were able to sing How Great Thou Art along with our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters, which was so fun! The church invited us to sing a few songs as well, and everyone did great. We are so appreciative of Caden’s strong voice leading the boys! Santiago got some translation experience, as the pastor asked him last-second to translate the sermon! He did so well! After church, a lovely lady from the church gave us a big bag of bananas and oranges, which we were very grateful for. We were hugged by (what felt like) everyone there – they really made us feel welcome and were so, so kind. We came back to the Teen Missions base and had lunch, caught up on scripture memory, and took bucket baths. We changed tents today, so team members all get to know one another by sharing tents with different people on the team. We had a dinner (that the team voted as their second favorite, behind pizza) of rice and layered taco casserole, and peanut butter brownies (some without peanut butter for our allergic friends), and had evening devos where we heard from our leader, Josh. We are absolutely loving our work and our time here! Pray for our homesick kiddos, for bonding and team unity, for wisdom, grace, and hearts ready to be changed by Jesus. Your sweet kids are all doing well! We love them more every day! Thank you for sharing them with us this summer!!!

“Life is terrible until you find Jesus!” – Trevor Z.

“It’s fun to have a team that supports you and is like family. They support you through the major differences from home, I guess. I really love Luke’s snicker doodle cookies too. Also dear Mom, Miss Leah is a better cook than you LOL!” – Caleb B.

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