Greetings from Mexico!

We are completely moved in and have settled in to a regular routine.  The days are NOT and humid and the nights are less hot and humid, but quite warm. none the less. Our missionary Henry encouraged the team to purchase hammocks to make sleeping at night cooler. Most did now their dorm houses are awash in bright, vibrant colors from the beautiful, handmade hammocks they arena proud owners of. This is the typical method that people use to sleep here in Mexico. We are definitely beginner hammock sleepers though. At night, if a room randomly erupts in laughter, I know that someone has toppled out of their hammock! The hammocks are very practical souvenirs.

Living on the beach sounds romantic but, on a  practical level, it is such a mess!!! There is sand everywhere and in everything!!! It gets in our boots, in our dish bags, in our hair in our duffel bags, ingest in EVERYTHING!!!!! It even gets in our Bibles. This one is understandable though since we have devotions on the beach every morning. Watching the sun rise everyday is priceless and a great visual reminder of how awesome our God is!!!! Flocks of flamingos fly by daily and fish jump out of the ocean continually. #makingmemoristhatwilllastalifetime #thebeachlife #itisroughbutsomeonehastodoit
Our giant project this summer is building a multi-purpose building. Although we have only been working on it for three days, much is getting done. The team has dug all nine holes for the footings of the pillars. Each hole is about 4 and 1/2 feet deep and 7 foot square…some teammates needed help getting out of them!! They have cut steel, bent steel, tied steel and painted steel. They have finished 7 of the 9 rebar mats that will go in the footing to provide strength of the pillars. Concrete will eventually go on top of these. On top of all of this, they have also cleared a ton of brush off of the work site. I am very impressed by their commitment to “get the job done”! Keeping the water igloos full is a never ending job throughout the day. Staying hydrated is priority number one since they are working in the hot sun all day and there is no shade not he for stye to provide relief. Come August, their farmer tans will be off the charts!!!
We are healthy, except for my son Gabriel. He has an unexplainable fever but is cheerful and active despite not feeling well. A few have lingering coughs from Bot Camp too. I am grateful that no one has any stomach issues from traveling. I am truly amazed by this!!! PTL!!!

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