It’s summer time here in Mongolia…

Greetings! It’s summer time here in Mongolia.

Coming from Florida, it doesn’t always feel like it’s summer here. Night before last it got down to 34 degrees and we woke up to frost! We made a run to the market on the outskirts of the city to buy sweatshirts, hats, blankets and gloves. Tallia, Katie, Kalan, Laura, Miss Abby, Christina (one of the Mongolian ladies leading at the Boot Camp), Mr. Matt and Miss Annie all tackled the task of getting the warm stuff and a plethora of requested snacks for people back at the camp. We are all grateful we could make that trip. When we got here, we set up our tents in the evening. We’ve worked on getting out bathrooms and showers set up. Those are finished and we’ve been settling in. Sunday was a bit chilly, we had grand plans to literally climb a mountain and have our church service on top. We took off and began to climb up the mountain. All of us stopped a little over half way up and sat down for the service. Mr. Matt spoke about what we might be holding back and keeping from the Lord for ourselves. It began to rain near the end of the service and we had to cut it short and head back. It was still a fun time even though we had to leave early. In the evening we had some worship time we got some smore stuff out and hung out around the fire. Having a fire in the morning and evening is becoming a regular occurrence, just because it gets chilly. As far as work goes, we have been setting up the Obstacle Course. The two big things that we have left are the Big Top and the wall. We will have to get that completed today because Boot Camp starts tomorrow! Yesterday we had some time to do our bath and laundry time. We put a cylinder stove by our showers and boiled some water to mix in so we could have a bit of a warm shower! The team also spent some time working on their verses yesterday. Trips down to the river for water are very common. We grab buckets for filtering water, for cooking and for bath and laundry.  We have been eating two Mongolian meals everyday and the majority of our group enjoys it! Yesterday we had a nice breakfast of cinnamon rolls, tea, oatmeal with raisins, sugar, brown sugar, peanut butter and some applesauce. That was a favorite yesterday. Cows have been coming through our site and we have fun chasing them off! As Boot Camp begins we will all be a part of contributing to the program through teaching and pouring into the kids, and spending time with them. We are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this! Today we are on a mission to get food for the next few days because the stores will be closed due to a national holiday here. The Canadians on are team are also getting registered by the government so we are all on and adventure together to get things done! Please pray for the health of the team, for spiritual growth, that the Lord would keep the rain away, for the Mongolian kids hearts to be ready to receive all that the Lord has for them, that the Gospel will come with power and that we can accomplish everything we need to for the glory of our Lord! Thank you for your prayers and for spending time reading our update!
Hello, this is Kalan C. here, one of the Canadians.
I am really enjoying my time here and am looking forward to the beginning of boot camp tomorrow, as is the rest of the team. I am really loving working with my leaders and the Mongolian staff, and enjoying the experience over all. Everyone on the team is kind of sick, so prayer for healing would be much appreciated. -Kalan
Hello everyone! It’s Belauna B., the girl Canadian. Miss you all, but having an amazing time here in Asia; something I thought I would never get to do! The cold here reminds me of home in the great white north. My team continually tells me I am not allowed to tease them when they are chilly, and I’m not!  Good news: I haven’t cried at all in Mongolia! Except that time I helped one of the guys on the Mongolian staff chop onions in the kitchen ger (yurt). To be honest, it doesn’t quite feel like a mission trip yet. It feels like we’re a big family going camping! Fetching water from the river and helping prepare Mongolian meals are my favourite jobs so far. Please pray for us as we spread the love of Jesus in this beautiful, fairytale-like country. I love my team, and I love you all! God bless you!
(Sending special love to Mommy, Daddy, Nadia, and Missy. 🤗) ~Belauna


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