We are getting into our groove here in Puerto Rico!

We are getting into our groove here in Puerto Rico! The team has had the opportunity to give presentations at three different churches already, two of which are in the town where we are staying, while the first one we went to was about ten minutes away. The Puerto Rican’s love it when the kids start singing the one song they learned in Spanish while at Boot Camp. 
At the church after their first presentation the kids were given some Puerto Rican food to try. There was pizza which was this fried bread with cheese in the middle. Two other items were offered as well, but the pizza was the biggest hit with the kids. The same pastor has offered to take us to the river some time before we leave and make us a Puerto Rica meal.
Their first work project here in Maricao was to dig a trench at the back of our host pastor’s church. His church is built in a hill and because of that, when it rains, the church tends to flood pretty bad. The trench’s job is to hopefully draw the water away from the church to the sides of it when a storm does come. 
Another project the team has been working on is picking up trash in the surrounding area where we are staying. Making the area cleaner may seem like a small thing, but really makes an impact. Since there is a river flowing right next to where we are staying, cleaning up the trash helps it not end up in the river when big storms come through. 
We had a storm coming through today. It has only been rain off and on with wind. Thank you for praying for our team.

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