Forest Angels serving the needy

The team has been very busy assembling picnic tables. We are making four-foot and eight-foot long tables out of pressure-treated wood that is precut and predrilled. We put in eight lag bolts, with washers and nuts, per leg unit. An important part of the construction is leveling the legs. They are learning how to use new tools and becoming good carpenters.

The weather is in the low to mid 90’s with high humidity and rain every other day. Mornings are the best time to enjoy the stillness of the coming day and the closeness of God. This morning we enjoyed a clear crescent moon peeping through the tree branches.

We practiced our music and puppets and learned a few skits, all in preparation for our first presentation at church this last Sunday. The team did well and everyone enjoyed them. They sang three songs and did a puppet skit. The puppets were also learning some of our memory verses and shared them with the congregation! The rest of the day was spent reviewing memory verses and eventually swimming in the pool. Some of the team finally realized that learning the memory verses is not optional!

Monday morning we got up early (4:30 a.m.) so we could get to House of Hope, a local feeding ministry in town. We needed to leave at 5:15 a.m. in order to get the bread unloaded and be there for prayer time at 6 a.m. The team got to do many different things like mark out the bar code on bread items, sort through produce, hand out food items as the people went through the line and help carry boxes of food out for the people who came. All totaled, we served 846 people. After the long morning serving others, food from another feeding ministry was our lunch! A mandatory rest time was called by the leaders when we returned to the base! A class or two finished up the day. The team is looking forward to next week when we go to House of Hope again— it was a joy and a privilege to serve others. Praise the Lord!
Forest Angels have been busy since our last update. More work has been done on the picnic tables and we are nearly done with them. “Billee has been my little helper and loves hitting things with a hammer.” – Mr. Evan

And now a word from our team members (those we could get to write something!)

I love you Mom! Miss you! We are having so much fun here.   Ali

I’ve had a good time so far and have made lots of friends so far and I love the food. I love you Mom.  Ruth Anne

Friends make it worth it. Learning God’s word.   Billee

On Monday we went to House of Hope. I served food to poor and homeless people.   Jonathan

Last Sunday we went to Riverside Presbyterian Church and sang a few songs. We also went to the House of Hope and fed families who didn’t have that much food.   Rachel

I have enjoyed working for the Lord.   Elly

It is fun learning about God because you can swim in the pool when you have a clean room.   Brendan

I can’t wait when my team see their parents and get so happy and we get to ride motorcycles again. I love my mom and dad. They are super loving to me. ❤   Nikki

***Parents— please write to your children! There are several on the team who have not received any mail. Use this address:

Forest Angels 18071
Your child’s name
871 E Hall Rd
Merritt Island, FL 32953

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