Greetings from La Mosquitia!

Greetings from La Mosquitia! The team has taken turns going out in the boat, half at a time, to the villages to do their evangelistic presentations. They have gone to four villages so far. When they arrive, they ring the bell with the circuit riders to announce their arrival and invite the kids to come. Then they begin playing games with the kids and then they give their presentation. The other half of the team stays back working on the construction project. So far, they have dug the footers for a small building where the students will be able to wash their clothes and they also dug the drainage ditch. They tied the steel for the foundation they will lay and also for the columns they will make. The team has also been working on two six-foot deep latrines that will be used during the Boot Camp in December. One is finished and they are working on the second one. And now for some words from the team members:

In Honduras, on a work day we work for 4 hours. Most of the time it´s really hot or it’s pouring down rain. This has been impactful to me to help learn obedience to what God is calling me to do. -Sarah C.

Today we practiced our presentation all morning then went out to a small village. At the beginning of the presentation there were like 10 kids and by the end there were almost 50 kids. They loved the dramas, puppets, and music we did for them. Time went so fast and it was so hard to leave but I know that the Lord will take care of them all. -Elsa G.

From the moment our team set foot in the Orlando Airport after two weeks of training, the enemy was bound to stop us. We faced alarms signifying a possible threat in the airport, a flight almost missed, a money exchange mix-up, two blown out tires, a bus break down, and a power outage during something as simple as trying to order lunch through a language barrier. The obstacles, no matter how big or small were no match for the joy that is within us. Where the enemy tried to discourage and hold us back, we met him with songs of praise for our King. This is the spirit of the 2018 Honduras team, and we will continue to persevere for Christ until the work is done. -Adrienne P.

Wow what an experience. We took 2 planes, a bus that broke down, a pick-up truck and a motor boat to get to this beautiful place. We were blessed with a house with bedrooms and bathrooms with showers. We have such a breath-taking view of the river through the window in the bedroom. I only share with one other girl, it´s really nice to have privacy and beds. I’ve never been so thankful for things that are such a norm to have in the United States. Today, I got to meet about 50 excited kids and share the truth with them through my testimony, a puppet show, songs and a drama. The smiles on their faces brought tears to my eyes. It made boot camp so, so worth it. I got to braid a little Honduran girl’s hair. I told her she was beautiful in Spanish. Her eyes lit up as she felt her newly braided hair, and that blessed me tremendously to know that I blessed her. It’s so enlightening to see people here and to think that this daily life I try not to complain about here is what these people do every day, it’s normal to them. When I get home I will be more than happy to get up before dawn every morning and do all of my family’s laundry, cook breakfast and even do some yard work. Honestly, it will be hard not to since I’m so accustomed to it now. My parents are gonna ask me who I am and what I did with their daughter. Well mom and dad, ya’ll were right. I am changed. I gave it all to Jesus and He has been walking with me every step of the way, even when I wanted to give up. Hannah H.

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