Marhaba from Beit Jala!

Marhaba from Beit Jala! It is Wednesday the 11th and we are all finally getting used to living here. We haven’t had anyone in the sick tent for the past couple of days, praise the Lord. The work project is coming along nicely: the footer and two columns for the new building have been poured, the rest of the columns will be poured this afternoon, and the team is preparing the ground for a new laundry patio. Soon we will start laying blocks! 

The kitchen has enjoyed the help of Hayden and Claire, August and Hannah, and Becca and Thomas on KP. Every day KP helps by making dessert and kool- aid, washing dishes, and cleaning the floors. We have two different people per day, so everyone gets a chance to help. The team members use it as an opportunity to get caught up on laundry and verses. 
Judah and Zoe led group devos the past two nights, and Becca will this evening. It is a great opportunity to bond as a team as we worship and learn about God’s faithfulness in each other’s lives. 
Tomorrow we are going back to Jerusalem to work at Christ Church, which we visited on Sunday.  In the morning we will be doing landscaping for them, and in the afternoon we’ll be able to do more sightseeing in the area.
Please pray for…
– continued health
– team unity
– safety in work and travel
– good attitudes
– success in completing our work project
– opportunities to witness
– wisdom for the leaders 

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