Mexico team on an adventure

This past Sunday, we ventured into a local, coastal village for a day on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We rented three boats to take us on our adventure. With the ocean water spraying our faces and bodies, the ride was bumpy,
but so much fun!! Our first stop was at a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. We climbed off the boats and explored finding treasures like conch shells, sea sponges, and orange sea slugs. Some teammates even exfoliated themselves with the ocean’s sand. Once we were finished at the sandbar, we boarded our boats again and journeyed to a fresh water spring that the locals like to use for fun. Once on land, we trekked through mangroves on a very rickety, old, wood bridge to get to the spring. There was a top swing there that we all took turns swinging into the water on. Some of us are quiet the trapeze artists!! It was very refreshing because the water was cool and the day very hot. Before heading home, we made our final boat stop at another natural spring in the middle of the ocean. So much water comes out of the spring (5,000,000 liters come out each minute) that the ocean “boils” at the surface, except that the water coming out is cold!!! Our boat divers had face masks that we all took turns using so that we could dive down at its mouth. There were tons of fish, starfish, and plants to see down there!! It really was incredible AND so much fun!!!! It was also very exhausting since we were fighting the current created from the massive amounts of water coming out of the ocean floor. Driving home, our sun-kissed faces were all smiles from our most amazing day.

We are waiting on supplies needed to keep working on our project, so we cleaned up the beach today! I was amazed at the amounts of trash that the team picked up …and threes also so much more!!  That fact makes me sad…A few were busy tying steel too. Each of the nine pillar columns require 628 steel ties, so the team also had their hands full with that. Those who weren’t on beach clean up duty or tying steel, had the privilege of demolishing old, damaged buildings form past hurricanes. Here’s a fun fact for you: the buildings they were tearing down were actually structures built by the previous TMI teams that came in the early 80’!
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