Things are going pretty great here in “hot” Arizona.

Things are going pretty great here in “hot” Arizona. Flagstaff has gotten very little rain and snow last winter and in recent months which keeps things pretty hot but since last week we have been having small spells of rain which has made it cooler here.
It is VERY peaceful here and having a giant mountain right behind us is pretty awesome. We rejoice that the mountain has finally been opened to hikers as of today as a result of the rain we have been getting and that will be able to hike it. (It has been closed for about the last three months because of being VERY dry.) We have really enjoyed seeing multiple deer coming very near our campsite every day. We named one of them Jim. We have a fun time imagining and plotting for fun how we will get Jim onto our dinnner table.

The morale of the team is great and we rejoice that team members are getting along better than they have been. Two team members received an SB today (a consequence for doing something wrong) and then a little bit after that one of them came up to us and said that he did not feel that it was fair that the other person get an SB since it was mostly his fault and asked if the other team member could be excused because he knew it was his mostly fault. This character and spiritual improvement was really neat to see and that God is working in the hearts of our team members. We have been learning a lot in our team Bible studies and in the boys and girls ones as well. They are enjoying it and are asking great questions.


We were invited to eat dinner with the Navajo’s and we enjoyed fellowshipping with them and getting to know them. We have also enjoyed helping with the VBS program in the mornings and evenings and playing with them on the playground as well.

Work projects

We have been doing a few different smaller projects during our work time. We have been picking up pine cones throught the conference center which helps it look nicer for all the guests to enjoy as there are MANY pine trees here. This morning we unloaded a large pallet of bricks that we will be using to make a new seating area next to the volleyball court. We have also been pulling some weeds around the property and we are rotating some of our team members to help with the kids VBS in the morning and evenings.

Jeremiah Y (Navajo TMI BIble School graduate who lives in town) has been really helpful in many different ways and a great benefit and encouragement to our team.

Team Testimonies

“Arizona is so much better than Boot Camp! Yesterday we got to go shopping at WalNavajo 18Mart! We are helping with the Navajo kids VBS and it is very fun! It was my turn to share the nightly devotions with the team last night and it went very well. Tonight we are doing our team presentation at the VBS and I am very excited to do it! My experience in Arizona has been very wonderful. – Ben N.

“I love it here in Arizona. It is really fun doing the work. The one thing is that there are huge beetles here and the mountain is amazing. We have been helping VBS and playing with the NaVajo kids. I am really so grateful that God sent me to this team and that God is working through my life this summer. I want to do more for Jesus. I love you Mom and Dad if you see this! – James B.

Navajo 18

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