Busy days in Fiji!

Bula from Fiji! 
We have had a busy few days. The windows are up to 11 courses and the trusses are ready to go up soon. We have only been here just over 1  1/2 weeks! The team has many hard workers!
Due to running out of supplies on Tuesday, we stopped work early. Most trekked down to the river for swimming and bathing. Some ladies from the local church came with yummy snacks and freezer pops which everyone enjoyed.
We enjoyed a fun day yesterday. We began with a 30 minute walk to the Sleepin Giant Zip Line. Everyone enjoyed endless zipping through the forest. There was also time to play in the cold water. After a delicious lunch provided by the place, the team took a long hike to a waterfall where they also enjoyed the cold water and Oscar lost a water shoe! 
We left to go shopping in the afternoon and most got really good at bartering. They had a great time buying for friends, families and themselves. The Ukeleles were popular along with clothing and jewelry. 
We ended the day with a quick trip to McDonalds. They sure enjoyed the cold drinks and ice cream.
After an exhausting day, we came back “home” where we had group devotions and headed off to bed early.
They stopped work early again today so that they could visit a local orphanage where they plan on doing a drama along with puppets and singing. I (Beth) am staying home to fry some fish!
The days and evenings have warmed up and we have not seen any rain. We have fans in our rooms so it is comfortable.
Thank you for your prayers! Your children are a blessing!

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