Greetings from the Mark A. Overbay Rescue Unit!

On Monday (9 July 2018), the team struck water at 8.8 meters. By the end of the work day they had continued to drill down to 15m which was their goal. On Tuesday as they attempted to widen the bore hole, they encountered rock which didn’t want to move. After prayer and determination, the team was able to get through the rock and is moving forward with drilling. They hope to finish the project within the next day or two and move on to the next location soon! 
The team has also been enjoying getting to know the kids at the unit. Everywhere they go, there are crowds of children that follow with excitement. None of the team can walk too far without a child holding their hand or greeting them. The children here especially enjoy getting their  picture taken. The team shows them the picture on the camera screen and they all squeal with glee and point to themselves in the picture. All the people we have met so far are very friendly. 
On Sunday, the team went to their first Zambian church service. They enjoyed helping to teach the kids a Bible verse, as well as play games and sing. During the service the team was able to do a presentation for the church. They sang a few songs, one team member gave a testimony, and they did a puppet show. While singing a  song in the national language, one of the men of the church had all the kids stand at the front and sing with them. The team was also able to show off their Bible memory skills to the church as well, with a little competition from the young people there. 
There are a lot of animals that live at the Rescue Unit.  Several baby pigs often escape their fencing and forage for food around where the team stays. There are also quite a lot of chickens and baby chicks that roam the area with them. Thankfully there’s only one rooster here, but he has been quite an annoyance to the team. He crows all day long and normally starts his morning pretty early which means he wakes the team up before the time for rise and shine on most mornings. Other than that, the team is doing well at coexisting with the various livestock. 
The weather has continued to be beautiful in the day time. Mrs. Beth might be the only one that enjoys the frigid mornings, but the team makes it through with the help of warm coffee and tea. Once the sun comes up, it warms really quickly and is comfortable without a jacket on by midmorning. 
We hope to move to our next drilling site this Friday. 
Thank you for your prayers & your support!  They mean the world to us as we serve the Lord in Zambia. Please continue to pray for our safety, that the Lord would teach us to draw close to Him, and that we will finish this well and move to the next soon.  Please also pray that we will strike water within 15m at our next location. 

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