Zimbabwe continues foot washing ministry

Hello from Zimbabwe! The team is going out daily to a different school each day. Presentation is done using drama, puppets and songs. The feet of 30 school identified orphans are washed and shoes given (only 30 per location as we are limited in shoes). The girls all LOVE ministering to the children through presentations, foot washing & general interactions. The smiles on the children bring tears to everyones eyes.
“Well, I’ve been in Zimbabwe for 4 days now. This is my first time in Africa, and I love it. The red dirt roads are way better than street pavements in America. I love the African children as well. They may look different physically but they are all children of God.” Lily S.
“Life here in beautiful Zimbabwe has been great so far! God is doing amazing things through our presentations for school children and the administrators at the schools we visit. I can’t wait to see the work God will continue to do in and through our team as we continue ministry.” Desi T.
” My time here in Zimbabwe has been amazing.  Seeing the kids faces after they get a pair of brand new shoes brings tears to my eyes. It is truly a miracle that the Lord has allowed this team to come here. He is opening doors that are ready for us to walk through, sharing the news about his son, Jesus Christ.” Grace G.


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