Ecuador Preteen Update

We have had a busy week working on the fence around the perimeter of the Teen Missions base here in La Concordia! The kids have been working hard putting in posts, running the fencing out along the line, pulling it taut, and affixing it to the posts. We have also been able help with other projects and accomplish a lot! We have helped prepare the site of the septic tank, laying block and backfilling the site for the building floor, and helped mix and lay the concrete. Everyone was very proud when we were able to help complete laying the first section of concrete floor! We have a bunch of hard workers! Tamzin commented, “I really like helping in the kitchen… Even when it’s not my turn!” Ethan had a little different perspective, saying, “I like working in the kitchen and on the work project. It’s nice having a mix between them, but I really like being able to work on the project and know that I’m doing something that is going to help people.” Everyone has certainly appreciated the hard work going on in the kitchen. They have been working up quite an appetite, with many of them going back for seconds and thirds at meals! Hiking up and down the hills covered with the amazing cacao trees and pepper plants to and from the fence line, the team catch-phrase has become, “Every day is leg day!”

Pictures from Both teams

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