Ecuador Teen Update

Hello everyone!
We are happy to report that the work is going well. We laid sand in the pit that we dug for the septic tank, and now we are putting down a layer of rock. Team members are picking up rock by hand to load in wheelbarrows because trying to use shovels to do it actually destroys the shovels. You might think they’d be bummed about picking up all that rock by hand, but as Caleb said, “I’m gonna go home with all the big muscles!!”
Wednesday our whole team started on pouring concrete for the floor of the building we are working on. It takes about three and a half hours to pour a 20×10 foot slab of concrete, and that’s with all teens and some preteens working together all at the same time! Our missionary was proud of the kids today though and said they worked very hard.
Today after work, our team walked down the hill to the river to swim. It was so fun to relax and have a good time together after working so hard! They came back to dinner with big smiles. We heard from Sam for evening devos tonight, and he did a great job of sharing his story and what God has done in his life.
I (Leah) am still kind of in shock at how much these kids eat! Rest assured, parents, that your sweet kids are NOT going hungry – far from it! They eat…and eat…and eat! It’s been fun to learn their preferences (or as Isaac says, likes, dislikes, and hopes for the future) and how to cook for so many people. Gabriella is on a mission to out-eat Dexter, so we’ll see if that happens this summer or not! I got cheers this morning when I told them that baked oatmeal was on the breakfast menu, so I think that’s the winner for favorite breakfast so far.
The weather here is GLORIOUS compared to Boot Camp! It is sunny and hot most days, but far less humidity than Florida. It cools down significantly at night as well, which makes sleeping in a tent quite nice, actually.
We will try to get more pictures to you soon! We’re planning a day trip to Santo Domingo for a coming Saturday, and we hope to share pictures of that with you too!

Pictures from both teams


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