Salama from Madagascar MSSM!!!

This week has been our first full week on the circuit and it has been so fun! Monday was the designated day off for the week, so the team members had work projects in the morning that consisted of mixing concrete and block laying for the security wall around the base while a few helped saw boards for the frames for the wall. In the afternoon the team members caught up on verses and cleaning around the base.

Tuesday was an afternoon Sunday School. The majority of the kids in the village were out working the fields with their parents so the attendance was only about 20-30 kids. Elli and Caleb did the phonics lesson and a few of the team members performed the “See Me, Notice Me” skit. It went really well and the soccer match at the end of the Sunday School arguably reached World Cup standards.

Wednesday was our day with two Sunday Schools! We awoke at a crisp 5:45 A.M. (to the team member’s great excitement) and ate breakfast at 6:00 A.M. then devos at 6:30 A.M. and we were gone by 7:15 A.M. The ride was a decently long drive but the team members did awesome! We actually had to stop and pick up a couple kids who would’ve had too far of a walk to make it to the Sunday School in time, it was cute to see the team members have a Malagasy kid as a riding partner for a short drive. Audrey and Daniel did the Phonics lesson and a few of the team members performed the “Battleground” drama. It was a huge hit! Miss Pat and the boys on K.P. met us at the end of the Sunday School and brought an igloo of water to replenish the team member’s water bottles and brought a wonderful lunch complete with chips and cookies! The team headed out to the second Sunday School for the day where Judah and Shayli did the Phonics lesson and the team played with the kids of that village and helped with the coloring of the Bible story picture. The ride back to base was perfect, no stops!!! Miss Pat made a wonderful dinner for us and we ended the day with Team Devotions out on the basketball court under the stars!

Today (Thursday) we have an afternoon Sunday School and we have been told it is the farthest drive yet. Prayers for a safe ride and a great time sharing the gospel of Jesus with a new village!

The team is doing so well and they keep me (Miss Danae) laughing constantly. They really are a blessing and a great team! Thank you parents for allowing your kids to be on this team this summer, it’s been incredible! Thank you for all the love and support and prayers!

“Madagascar is an amazing country with amazing people. It’s been neat to see God work not only on the circuit, but also on our very team. God-guided experiences are where lessons are learned and how people grow. Me being on of the older kids on the team I definitely notice God working. Hello from Madagascar!”   – Josh L.

“Madagascar and this trip have been great so far! The leaders are super awesome and really know what to do and when, and I feel comfortable knowing they have my best interests and following Christ in mind. Being a light to kids and adults alike in a place I’ve never been is a life changing experience, and even tough it’s tough at times I know Christ is always with me. I think God has called me back here next summer!”  – Jonathan H.

“It’s been a good time on the field so far. Working with the kids is amazing! I’m having a wonderful time!”  – Trevor C.

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