Taiwan Update

Typhoon Maria came and went.  All of the rain that our area got came during Tuesday night while we were sleeping.  We awoke Wednesday morning to a wonderfully cool morning. VBS started off strong, but on Wednesday we were missing many children due to illness.  In Taiwan, if more than three people are confirmed to have an illness in a large gathering such as ours, the event has to be cancelled.  We were notified late last night that VBS would end on Thursday.  The kids are sad, but trying to finish strong today.  They have had the opportunity to lead their small groups in singing English Bible songs, and phonics games that we learned while at Boot Camp.  This week has been a lot of fun for them.  They are putting in long hours though and they are all looking forward to our sightseeing trip that is coming up. Our plan is to spend Friday cleaning and sanitizing the church from the illness that has plagued the children.  So far, we only have one team member that is experiencing some stomach discomfort and diarrhea.  We have been praying that it doesn’t get any worse than that.  Please pray for the health of our team and that this flu would not spread to any more of the children we are ministering to.

Saturday Joanna is planning to teach us how to make dumplings for our lunch.  Hopefully your kids will be able to come home and prepare you some of the amazing food we are blessed to be eating here.  The church has been providing us with lunch every day this week and so they are getting many opportunities to try the local cuisine.   We will also be doing laundry and packing up for our trip to Taipei for sightseeing.  On Sunday morning, we will leave around 6:30am to head to a church in Taipei that a former FTM attends.  She contacted us when she learned their was a Teen Missions team in Taiwan and wanted to meet up with us and encourage the kids.  She and her husband have lived in Taiwan for over 10 years and they teach at a missionary school in Taipei.  After church, we will go to Taipei 101 and a market where the kids can do some souvenir shopping.   We will also have the opportunity to go to a Night Market and try many different local food items.  We will be staying at a college in Taipei in their dormitory for the night and then Monday we will continue to sight see in Taipei.  We will return to Panding Church Monday night and repack.  Tuesday morning we will be going to another church to put on a 3 day VBS program.

We are putting in long days, but we are really enjoying our James Bible Study and other classes in the evenings.  Our team continues to bond and get closer each day.  We are also starting to experience getting on each others nerves.  Last night was really sweet.   A lot of the kids admitted that they were getting frustrated and apologized to the team.  It was healing and good to hear each confess their struggles.  They awoke refreshed and ready to go this morning.  True Blessing!  I apologize for not getting as many pictures for this report.  I will make sure to capture their excitement in Taipei!

Please pray for us to be protected from the stomach flu and for safety as we prepare to travel this weekend.  Pray for safety as we are in Taipei and that the kids would have a refreshing few days off from work.

Jeremy Y:  Taiwan has been awesome so far!  We’ve been having so much fun with the Taiwanese kids at VBS.  It’s been very busy, but really fun at the same time.  Next week we go to a different church and do VBS there too.  The people here are amazing, kind, and friendly.  Can’t believe it’s already been two weeks.

Nate C:  Hey guys, I love you so much.  For this past week we have been doing a VBS and during it we have been learning and teaching songs.  This team is so amazing.  Everyone is working together.  Mom you were right about there being more food than souvenirs.  I love ya’ll and will see you soon.

Sierra E:  It’s been amazing here!  I’m excited to come home, but it’s been incredible.  Helping children and doing work projects helps out a lot here.

Keenan B:  Leading VBS as a team leader has been great.  Even though there is a language barrier, it is still easy enough to connect with the kids.  I am “the blonde American” to them.

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