Things are moving along quickly here at TTT!

Things are moving along quickly here at TTT! This week has been really exciting for the team as we have begun our fair evangelism. After our 3 days of training we all set our on Monday afternoon for Wayne, Gibson, and Richland County Fairs. Each night there is a new group of teenagers at each fair giving them all a chance to experience the different dynamics. We were so excited to find our that our team is on fire for Jesus! They are stepping out of their comfort zones and reaching people with the word for God. Just so you have an idea of what had been going on so far in the past three nights we have surveyed 350+ people with 27 decisions for Christ. Our team has been trained to present the Gospel, give and opportunity to respond, and encourage that people. With different ways to grow deeper in their faith. We have a great advantage with 5 current Bible School students present and ready to answer any difficult questions that are presented. We will continue in those three fairs for two more nights.  They should be the busiest nights of the week! We will be sharing in two churches this weekend, attending and evangelism summit, and then we will be at 5 more fairs to attend next week. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday was our first Fair Food day! Once a week the team gets to buy the food for dinner ( so we are spending our money wisely throughout the whole summer) and it was an exciting night for them. Things from sweet tea to corn dogs, to funnel cakes.  So much fun!

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