We are having a great time here in Puerto Rico

We are having a great time here in Puerto Rico. We are continuing to do work. A lot of which is cleaning. We have had one opportunity to clean out a house that was seriously affected by the hurricane. The team worked really hard and cleaned the entire house out pretty quickly.
The team has also continued to pick up trash in the local community to help make the area look cleaner and nicer. There is still a lot of trash to be picked up. Yesterday some of the team members were also able to paint a front porch railing for a person in the community. 
This last Tuesday one of the locals invited us to go to a nearby waterfall to go swimming. The hike to it ended up being about an hour and a half to the spot. The kids had a lot of fun once they made it swimming in the pool area just after the waterfall. We ended up getting back just a little bit before dinner. Once bedtime came around there was no complaining that they weren’t tired that night. 
The team has been working together well and is constantly excited to serve the Puerto Rican’s to the best of their ability. Yesterday they were able to go door to door praying for each family and asking if there were any specific jobs that the team could help them with. The local community really appreciated the team coming to them individually to see what they could do. 
It has gotten cold at night but feels really good. The Puerto Rican’s really like to talk to us. They are really good basketball players.
Ethan C.
I love Puerto Rico because I am Puerto Rican. I love the people here and they are all so generous. Time is going by by really quickly and I am having lots of fun. I love my parents and I can’t wait until I see them again.
Nathan E.
It has been really fun. They are really generous people here. The team really cares for each other when they need it. There is a lot of hard work and effort being put in. We are all getting along. A lot of people really care for us and are glad we have come to do this for them.
Sierra S.
I like Puerto Rico it is great here. The people here a really nice. I really liked the waterfall.
Nathan C.

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