Exciting things are Happening

Ministry Opportunities

Great exciting things are happening  here and we are so blessed and grateful to be a part of it. We are also so grateful for all of our friends and the parents who are praying for us as accomplish great things for God.The conference grounds have been bustlling with activity here as the very large Annual Navajo conference continued throught the week. We continued to help with the children’s VBS in the mornings and evenings. We had about twenty kids in the mornings and about forty in the evenings. Their theme was “Putting on the whole armor of God” (Ephesians 6:10-17). We helped the other leaders help the kids make the different peices of armor and the teachers and kids were very creative and we had a great time doing it! They brought a really nice cajon (square wooden box used as a drum) but had no one to play it! So Samuel played it for the teens and the K-6 graders whom we did VBS with and they had a guitar player that played along too. 

Work Project

We have been busy with two work projects here at the confrence center property. ONe of them is releveling the ground next to the volleyball court so we can build four brick benches on one side of it for people to sit, talk and enjoy. We finished setting and cementng the first bench and we set and leveled the first layer of bricks for the other three benches. Unfortunately we had a massive storm come through yesterday and it washed away the dirt. We will have to relevel and reset the three benches as well as cement them together this week. 

The other project we have been working on is replacing many large different shaped stones with some very nice interlocking bricks. This is necicary in order to stop the slope near two of the buildings from continuing to erode away. The dirt washes away right through the old stone but the new blocks will prevent that from happening. They also enhance the beauty of the area as well (there is not much much green landscaping here because it is so hot and dry). 

Last Saturday we had a wonderful opportunity to go to the Navajo reservation.  Our friend Jeremiah took us to his relatives ranch and we helped them with their cows. They showed us how to use the ropes and laso cows and many of the kids had a lot of fun helping the family do that so they could give them shots and do other health maintenance. They held the ropes as Jeremiah’s family did all of the other things. They had quite a bit of fun practicing on the fake PVC bull before helping with the real ones! We also had the chance to be a blessing to their family by cleaning up around the property and organizing some piles of wood, bricks and metal. They blessed us with a very nice lunch and we had a good time visiting with them.

The weather has been pleasent for the most part. The dry heat feels better then the humidty of Florida. The storms are getting stronger the longer we are here. This time of year is monsoon season. We praise the Lord the strong storms came after the largest conference left so we were able to move into dorms and avoid sleeping in wet tents. The kids are having a hay day sleeping on real beds.

 The rains washed away some of the multch on property as it they washed down off of the mountian we live under. The water was strong enough that there were small ditches that made trails down the property. This morning we went out and raked all the mulch back in place. It now looks as good as new!

I have been enjoying the scenery. I really like going to the ranch and ropeing cattle. The food at the ranch was good and we had fun. I also like sleeping in the cabins, that is a nice treat. I also liked watching the kids at the VBS. I look forward to going to Sliding rock on Monday. I also liked cleaning the bathrooms. -Joshua C.

We got to lay bricks. Josh and I got to but up some skirting around a moble home. We moved into cabins and that was fun. We learned a new drama called “Because We Want to Be Loved”. It is fun and I got the longest part! Dalton R.

I liked riding the horse at the ranch. I like the rain here, it is very refeshing. I like the new cabin that we moved into better then the tents we were staying in. It is very beautiful here. – Mayah E.


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