Greetings from Honduras!!

Greetings from Honduras!! We had a busy weekend. Friday was our last workday on the project building a washhouse for doing laundry. We got most of it done, half of the roof is done and the columns are poured and the floor is done. Saturday we were able to go out and do two presentations by boat, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They do a presentation with puppets, drama and songs and then they play games with the kids. In the afternoon the team was split in half, one went out on the boat and one stayed at the base and helped the Bible school students and did a presentation for the kids that came to the base. Saturday night we were able to play different games as a team and everyone had fun. Sunday we went to church by walking instead of by boat this time, and then we packed up because we were leaving early Monday morning. Sunday evening the staff and students made this delicious dinner and did a presentation for us and they thanked us for being there. The team was amazed for what they did.  So now for travel Monday, we traveled by boat (about 5 mins) to get to our trucks and then packed all of us and our luggage into three pickup trucks and drove four hours to where our bus was waiting for us. We got to eat lunch at Little Ceasar’s or Wendy’s. Then the bus took us the rest of the way which was 7 hours and there were no problems, PRAISE GOD!! It was a very long day but the team was great. And now we are back at the Teen Missions base near Santa Cruz de Yojoa, where we will be doing our project for the second two weeks here in Honduras. Thank you for your prayers!

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