Greetings from the land of corn and county fairs!

Greetings from the land of corn and county fairs! The Indiana team has officially ended their first week  of fair share and we are excited for what the Lord has done and what He will be doing this next week. Last week our team surveyed and presented the Gospel one on one to 702 people, and of those we saw 63 of those people say yes to Jesus as their personal Savior. On Friday night all of the teens that had been out evangelizing met up at McDonalds for ice cream to celebrate our first week of fairs.  It was a lot of fun to relax and enjoy just hanging out with our team and the other TTT volunteers.  On Saturday our team attended the Jesus Christ Changing the World Summit. It was a day of learning from guest speakers on how we can better be praying for our communities and sharing our faith. That night we all attended the TTT rally, this is always a highlight for the team. On Sunday our team was split into two teams  and we traveled to share at different churches. We have been blessed again this week by congregations that are excited for not only the Lords work. In their community but for what our TMI teens Are doing around the world! This week we are preparing to be in 5 new county’s spread throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Thank you for. Your prayers!

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