It has been a busy week for Forest Angels

It’s been a busy week. As we reported in our last email, we began our week with volunteering at House of Hope. Work continued on the picnic tables and 14 tables were loaded onto a trailer for delivery to JOY RV Park, an RV park owned by AIDS Orphans, a sister ministry of Teen Missions. All but four fit on the trailer and they will be delivered sometime in the near future.

Wednesday night we went to a nearby church for Wednesday night services. The team enjoyed their time in an age-appropriate class, while the leaders attended worship! And the best part for the lady leaders is that there was a dinner served before the service and we did not have to cook in our hot kitchen.

Thursday found us going out to Port Canaveral Ministry, a ministry that reaches out to the crew of the cruise ships and cargo ships that use the port. They provide a place to receive packages, a small store, internet access so the crew can skype or email home and chapel times where Jesus is shared. Local churches provide a meal at lunch time. The team did a puppet show in the great room and sang before each of the two chapels that morning. They also talked to the crew members and found out that they were from Indonesia, India, Philippines, Jamaica and Romania and had jobs like chef, galley assistant, photographer or security. Some had been doing it for just a few months and one man for 18 years. Before going back to TMI, we had a quick tour of the port and saw the cruise ship that was in port, several of the cruise terminals and the cargo area. We learned that the cargo ships bring in salt from the Bahamas and actually saw a small mountain of salt that had been delivered. The end of our tour included a quick trip around a nearby neighborhood where several wild peacocks live. We saw both male and female birds, one of which had several babies.

Friday was also a busy day. We went out to JOY RV Park and unloaded the picnic tables we built and placed them at the RV sites that did not have a picnic table. After our lunch, we entertained the park manager and a few of the guests with songs, puppets and a drama. We also helped by moving about 75 panels of metal roofing to a better location. The afternoon ended with swimming in the pool at Teen Missions.

And now a word from a few of our team members. Getting them to write something is challenging!! The question this week is “What is something you’ve done this week or last that you’ve never done before?

We built and placed picnic tables and benches. That was fun. I overheated a lot . . .  Miss you Mom! Ali.  (Note: It is quite warm here. We got Ali in the shade and reminded her to drink her water and sent her back to work when she recovered)

We went to an RV park and placed picnic tables. We also picked up picked up scraps of metal (roofing pieces).  Rachel

Our performances when we go to places and when we were doing evangelism.   Kaylyn

Friends are all there for you.   Billee

Having fun at House of Hope helping other people get food and riding motorcycles 😊 And we do K.P. (Kitchen patrol) almost every day.   Nikki

Going to House of Hope was fun. I enjoyed giving people food.  Elly

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