It’s been a very busy last few days for the Puerto Rico team.

On Saturday we had to clean up the basketball court where we are sleeping. After we put all of our stuff away we set up for a basketball tournament that lasted until dinner. The kids got to cheer on the teams playing basketball. They also really helped with the concession stand. They didn’t only help run it but they did a lot of the cooking too. We had the chance to hand out tracks to all the players and audience.
  On Sunday we were able to go to church and sing two songs for the congregation. After church the team got the opportunity to go to a river with a place to jump in. A pastor from the first church we went to came down and cooked us an amazing meal of pork and rice.
  And then today we started a big project in the church that we are cooking at. The team members are very excited to have a larger project and to have some more difficult work. The church only had 1/3 of the floor tiled and people in the church were tripping on the edge. We had been hoping to do this job since we got here and it’s going really quickly now that we started.

“ Yesterday, Sunday, the whole team traveled to a swimming hole about 45 minutes away. We were invited by the pastor of another church. We were able to jump off the high rocks into the swimming hole. After that the whole team was entreated to a meal of rice, and pork, and beef. All of us had a very good time there and the hosts were very happy.  HOWAYY! APPOES!” – Daniel C.

“ I am so excited for our new project because it is basically the first big project we have had so far. I cannot wait to get some work done. Also hydrate or DIEdrate” -Sophia R.

Hey fam I bought two shirts and a hat. Just kidding I’m not to Andrew but I did buy some wet shampoo it’s really pretty here one thing I learned it is better to hydrate then DIErate” – Hannah F.

“I have learned about all of our team mates and it has been super fun! I Love Puerto Rice!” – Nicole C.

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