Progess is being made on our work project. We are starting to lay block on the walls and we are filling in the area for the concrete pad to get ready to pour concrete.  The team members are becoming master blocklayers so if any of them need a job she. They get home….  lol

Hayden, Zoe, Judah, Jon Michael, Claire, Kymberly, Hannah and Becca layed the first rows of block on Saturday. Brady, Eliana, Aaron, August, and Ethan worked to tie steel for the concrete area. Josh, Thomas, Victoria and Dot worked to fill in the area with rocks and dirt. All of them will gain experience in all areas as we rotate through duties on the work site and KP. KP duties have been covered by Cameron, Zoe, Jon Michael, Dot, Eliana, Ethan, Judah and Kimberly. They all look forward to baking desserts for the team and serving seconds.  They also do a great job mopping and cleaning dishes.   
On Thursday last week we spent the morning at Christ Church Guest House in the Old City and volunteered there.  We cleaned guest rooms, the Church and gift shop, we landscaped and cleaned the grounds and we scraped old paint and started paining.  The staff there served us a delicious lunch as a thank you for all our hard work.   Afterward, we spent the afternoon shopping for souvenirs.
On Sunday, we attended church at Christ Church, the oldest protestant church in the Middle East.  It was founded in the Old City in the 1840s.  The service was good.  Afterward, we spend the afternoon seeing some sites.  We saw the Church of the Holy Selpulchre where they believed Jesus tomb was, we rode camels, and we wakes through Hezekiah’s tunnel which I think was the highlight for everyone.  It is located in the City of David.  It was a 40 minute walk through an underground tunnel used to supply fresh water to Old Jerusalem during times of seige.  We waded through ankle deep to knee deep cold water.  It was a refreshing experience for sure. 
This week we will continue our work project and hope to return to Christ Church to volunteer again on Thursday. 
The team is becoming well known in the area.  We make quite an impression when all 22 of us move about. The locals are all friendly and helpful to us.
Now for some news from the team members:
Claire:  It has been a great trip so far. The work progress is going great. It is so beautiful here.  This summer God has been teaching me patience. 
Becca:  These few weeks have been absolutely amazing!  Our team has become like family. The Holy Land is so beautiful and our work project is hard but we are all persevering to get it done. 
Hannah:  I have been having an amazing summer. Israel is so beautiful. I love the Bubba they are awesome leaders. 
Eliana:  This summer had been amazing!  The Holy Land is so beautiful!  I have met so many great people this year, who are so hard working and encouraging. 
Judah:  The Holy Land is pretty cool and we have seen some awesome sights like the birthplace of Jesus, the garden tomb, the Western wall and many other sites around Jerusalem.  Our work project is going well and we have made the corners and we are building the walls now.
Joshua:  Hey Mom and Dad!  Im having a blast in Israel and wish it was with you all.  It’s amazing being where Jesus walked.  I can’t wait to see y’all.  
More to come….
The Holy Land Team 

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