Tabernacle going up in S. Africa

The team has really ‘stepped up’ on the project site with determination and focus to finish getting the Tabernacle up before we leave. We faced numerous obstacles this week including a pesky plastic coating over the walls that has proved tough to get off. The courtyard fence is now up on the South and East ends but we must finish more work on the Tab before closing in the rest. There are about 16 walls now up and we hope to get the pillars installed on the Holy of Holies on Monday. On Friday, the team helped with another MSSM on the property here while half the team stayed on the work project. On Friday night, Miss Gay brought out the S’mores for a fun start to our evening devotions by the fire. We worked again on the Tab on Saturday and enjoyed a trip to a local store after supper. Some of the BMW students joined us for team devotions along with Jason, our missionary. On Sunday, the team gave another presentation at a church north of here. Mr. Jason gave the sermon and the church provided tea, coffee and sandwiches for us afterwards along with some stimulating conversation with the pastor. The team is enjoying a Sunday afternoon rest and worked on their memory verse reviews then finished with  a quiz by the fire. On Monday the project continued with a lot of ‘detail’ work including layout of the north side of the fence, covering some bases, land clearing and more ‘plastic pealing’. We laid the base for the pillars of the Holy of Holies and drilled the top plate. We got a few more walls up near the end of the day… We also enjoyed hosting the staff and students for supper so the extra fellowship was a blessing!

Abby Z.–South Africa has been so amazing! I love worshipping in the churches we went to. I also love playing with the kids and helping with the Sunday Schools. It is also great seeing the Tabernacle come together. I can’t believe we only have two more weeks left. It has been a huge blessing here!

Nathan B.–I’ve really been enjoying my time here in South Africa! The work we’ve been doing on our tabernacle has been hard but very rewarding! Every time we get a wall portion up, it’s like a wave of accomplishment crashes over all of us! A verse that comes to mind is Nehemiah 4:6: “So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.” I look forward to seeing all the wonderful work God is going to continue to do through us as a team. (I’m also looking forward to the summer heat of home but that’s a different story)!

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