Taiwan team visits Taipei

We finished up VBS on Thursday due to the illness that was spreading through the children.  Thankfully, we stayed well.  One team member had some stomach discomfort that went away within 24 hours and another had a fever that only lasted for about 12 hours.  We are praising the Lord that our health has remained strong among all of illness that was going around us.  On Friday, we spent time sanitizing the whole church.  We then got to have some much needed downtime.  We went to a market that had lots of food.  Some of the kids had been wanting a Big Mac.  Some of the kids enjoyed more traditional foods, teas, and smoothies.  We then took a trip to the grocery store.  It is kind of like our version of a 24 hour Walmart.  They have a bit of everything.  It was a lot of fun just to get out and see new things.

On Saturday we got up early and did classes and prepared a program for Sunday.  We were then blessed to be given a cooking lesson on how to make dumplings.  They were filled with pork and veggies.  The kids had a lot of fun even though the pictures don’t show a lot of smiles.  They then got to eat all of the dumplings.  What a treat!  We spent the afternoon doing our Verse quizzing and review since we would be busy on Sunday in Taipei.  Then packing for our overnight sightseeing adventure.

Sunday morning we left bright and early for Taipei.  We attended Song Shan C & MA Church with Paul and Rebecca Cablish.  Rebecca was an FTM and was so excited to meet and encourage our team.  Their family got to hang out with us and helped us maneuver around the city.  We went to Taipei 101 and viewed from the outside.  What a magnificent building.  The team sang a song out front and made lots of people smile with their joyful noise!  We then went to an underground mall that was near the main subway station.  We went to the Maokong Gondola and had a picnic dinner and then rode to the top and saw an amazing sunset.  We finished up at the Shinlin Night Market where we got a few more souvenirs before heading to the Taiwan Theological College Dormitories to spend the night.

Monday morning we headed to Danshui.  We were supposed to do some touring, but the translator was out of the country.  We looked around at a College and then did some shopping in their downtown area.  It was filled with shops that were a bit more traditional.  After a couple hours we headed back to Panding Church.  After dinner we got our classes done and enjoyed some evening devotions and team time.  This team is really learning to open up and share who they are with one another.  It definitely helps them grow deeper relationships with each other.  I see some amazing friendships forming and it blesses me deeply to see them serve one another and the community around them.

Tomorrow we will be heading to another church for 5 nights.  It will be our base while we run the other VBS.  The people from Panding Church will be joining us and we will have 105 children.  The church we are staying at is not large enough for this many kids, so the program will be run out of a school building.

The kids are all doing well.  They miss you all, but they are having a great time and we are looking forward to finishing strong during these next two weeks in Taiwan.

Logan F:  Hey birthgivers, I’ve had a fun time over here.  I tried to buy a Gucci headband off a man and he rejected me.  Don’t worry, I evangelized him.  Also I got the Supreme merch and some surprises for you guys.  Yeet, yeet, yeet, DAB!

Kenai A:  My food rating…squid – yes, bubble team – no, dragon fruit – yes, mango – no, weird noodle stuff – yes, chopsticks – no.

Simon E:  I’ve been having a great time here in Taiwan, but the coolest thing so far was the gondola ride (like a skylift).  The night market was cool, for the time we were there.  I’m really happy that I got to hang out with all of these people, albeit some are pretty strange.  For the parents out there, I am definitely taking lots of pictures!  Anyway, I hope everyone’s doing great on the home front!

Mileah R:  Hello everybody!  Wow!  So Taiwan continues amazing me. In our multiple means of transportation, whether that be bus, the tram, or public bus, we’ve seen the city, the towns, and landscape.  It is a beautiful country with beautiful and kind people.  Please pray for us and them.  Love you lots.

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