The MSSM team is loving the Malagasy life!!!

The team has successfully finished their first full circuit!! Thursday’s 2 hour long and semi-difficult ride was handled with precision and great skill from the team members and they had a great Sunday School at the home village of one of the BMW students, Belia (whom the whole team has befriended). Friday was another afternoon Sunday School and Saturday was a morning Sunday School. The soccer matches at the end of the lesson are consistently the big hit of the Sunday School! Friday evening the Madagascar staff and students and Emily the intern, made a delicious Malagasy meal for us! It was fun to hang out with the staff and students and just enjoy each other’s fellowship!

On Sunday we were able to attend a church that was a good 45 minute bus ride away. We were able to do a presentation and the BMWs shared about the Boot Camp they will be holding in a couple weeks here at the base. Liva and Nomina (the base coordinators) gave the message in Malagasy and English, so it was great to be able to understand the sermon! After we returned from church we ate lunch and got ready for the afternoon Sunday School. The ride was so beautiful as we rode up a mountain that overlooked the ocean, it was seriously a breathtaking view!!! We were told that the village we went to was very dark and they usually only had three or four kids attend. It was awesome to see 12 kids show up and be able to share Jesus with them and play freeze tag with them! The ride back to base was beautiful as we got to drive during the sunset. We ended the day with Daniel sharing for team devos.

Today is Monday, which means it’s our day off of the circuit and we are able to help with work projects this morning! A few kids are working on the wall while a few are raking leaves and picking up trash.

Thank you so much for the prayers so far on this trip! Continued prayers for health would be awesome as we have a few team members who’s stomachs have been a little bit uneasy the last day or two. The team is excited to get back on the circuit tomorrow!

“Everyday is an adventure! I have been learning  Malagasy slowly and have got to the point where I can have short conversations with the kids! It feels so good to do things for other and playing soccer and freeze tag and other games have been one of the highlights of my whole year!”     – Judah F.

“Being able to serve the Malagasy people has been so much fun as well as being able to ride the bikes is such a blast! Sand sucks though.”   – Andrew M.

“Hello to everyone I love! It’s going great here! I love it so much and have such an amazing team and leaders. It’s so cute seeing how happy the kids are to see us.”   – Shayli G.

“Hey everyone! Madagascar is amazing we have had some very adventurous rides and we have gotten to show love to lots of children! I love you all!!!”    – Caleb W.

“Hello my people! Everything is going good here and I love it just as much as I remembered. The bikes are doing a lot better now and everyone is getting more comfortable on them. The kids here are amazing and I love to see their joy everyday. God has been teaching me so many new things as well. Love and miss you all!”   – Ashton R.

“ • I have enjoyed seeing the beauty of God’s creation here.
 • Seeing the happy kids that we get to minister to gives me joy.
 • I have been getting to know my teammates and my leaders ever better these past few weeks.
 • I am learning to grow closer to God through devotions.”    – Daniel S.

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