What a week the Mexico team has had!

Wow, what a week the Mexico team has had! On Wednesday, we took a two-hour drive into the center of the Yucatan and went to four different cents, (underground fresh water springs). We traveled by vehicle then once there, we boarded horse drawn train cars and off into the jungle we went! The first stop was a cave with a huge fresh water pool and we had such a great time jumping into the water off a cliff inside the cave! What an experience cliff jumping in a cave while bats flew all around us! Then off to the next one. We had some goggles with us as well so we all took turns looking under the crystal clear water at the stalactites under the water and the bottomless dark of the caverns where the water comes from. At the last cave there was a rope swing which we all had so much fun swinging from. Also a huge stalactite that had grown together and we were able to climb partly and the jump off, amazing experience we had!! Then back into our horse drawn train cars filled with horse flies back out of the jungle. What an amazing day!!

Work has continued, like most other countries getting supplies has come a bit of a problem. We have been waiting on rebar for five days now. We have three pillars tied but have six more to do. These pillars are huge with ten main pieces of rebar and 628 steel ties to complete one of them! Needless to say, we need more rebar!Also we are painting them with a special anti-rust paint thetas apparently hard to get as well, because we have bought all the paint in the surrounding towns! We have all the holes ready to pour concrete and then set the pillars once we get them all tied. We have cleaned up the other side of the property which included hundreds of cocoanut palm frowns and coconuts! Trash, oh the trash! Bags and bags of trash from around the camp and the ocean. They now have the cleanest beach in the Yucatan.

Today we had fun with the teams after lunch all of us leaders got out water shoes on and ran past the team in our clothes and ran into the ocean! The team members quickly followed suit and ran and got their shoes and joined us inter clothes. We then played a game of tag in the ocean, so much fun! The look other faces when we ran past them yelling as we ran into the ocean was priceless! This afternoon, we have been practicing our presentation for church tomorrow. We are traveling into Merida to Henry’s church. Henry is our missionary. We will be doing dramas, songs and testimonies and doing the entire children’s program as well. Then we will get to go into town and do some much anticipated shopping.

Thank you parents, family members and friends for your prayers. We are all in good health and having an amazing summer serving the Lord here!

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