Buenos Dias from Mexico!

More rebar has FINALLY arrived!  With this rebar, we will finally be able to make the remaining 6 columns.  Yesterday, the team poured all nine pillar bases and set the bottom rebar pads into each.  It was by far the hottest day we have experienced so far.  The job was labor intensive, mixing and pouring concrete in the hot sun.  At the end of the work day, everyone was filthy, covered in sand, concrete, and most of all, sweat!!!!!

This past Sunday, we were invited to Henry’s church in Merida.  We performed 2 dramas, ran the children’s Sunday school, and Caleb preached the sermon.  He spoke on servanthood.  The church’s pastor, Mark, gave an altar call at the end and several members of the congregation stepped forward to dedicate their lives to full time missionary service.  It was very inspiring and a great blessing to be able to lay hands on and pray for and encourage these “new” missionaries.  After the service, we ate lunch before heading out to downtown Merida.  Here, we shopped for what felt like hours for the guys and only minutes for the girls.  Some beautiful earrings and Mexican pullovers were bartered for.  One team mate even bargained for a wood carving of a jaguar head!  Another bought a stitched Mexican satchel with the Patriots logo on it!  (GO PATRIOTS!!!!!)  My shopping group “conveniently” found a Dairy Queen to spend our pesos in too.:)

Saturday’s might be my favorite day of the week here.  We still work and follow a schedule, but there are less things on that schedule which allows us to have more team fun.  We usually end up swimming in the ocean that conveniently happens to be on our doorstep, sometimes fully dressed and sometimes in our swimming gear.  This past Saturday, in addition to swimming in the ocean (and playing an exhausting, epic game of tag in its shallows) we also had a huge bonfire on the beach under the stars that night.  It was MAGICAL and we were all completely “star struck”. (Cheesy, but true!!)  

We have evening devotions every night under the thousands of stars that paint the night sky, but the bonfire really added something special.  I am in awe of the fact that God has named each star in the heavens!!  (I think I mentioned this earlier, but we also have personal devotions on the beach every morning while the sun wakes up and rises on the horizon.)

Living in paradise is tough…let me tell ya!

Top 10 for “You know you live on the beach when…”

10) You put your son to bed at night and find a crab in his bug-proof tent.   Keeps the bugs out but not the crabs…(You also consider it no big deal when a crab wanders through your room.)

9)  You have sand in your pants and aren’t bothered by it.

8)  Salt water showers are refreshing to you and you enjoy the special, sticky kind of clean they provide.

7) You are used to seeing flocks of flamingos flying by everyday and are no longer awed by it.  

6)  You sweep anything and its sandy within minutes.

5)  You have to clean your dishes after AND before every meal because they too have sand on them.  Sandy dishwater is also considered to be clean dishwater.

4)  You drop something out of your bag or pocket and lose all hope of finding it because it gets buried that quickly in the sand.

3)  You will take a less direct route to where you want to go if it means walking on firmer sand, even if it adds quite a bit more travel time.

2)  You consider getting the sand off your clothes a non-essential part of doing your laundry.

1)  When you don’t hear the ocean, something must be wrong!!!

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  1. I am glad to hear that you are having a tremendous time working in Yucatán, we’ll be praying for you all and I hope I had the chance to stop by and say hello, I really miss being on a TMI team. As a former MTC, MTA and team leader, I know how you feel. Be blessed.
    Frank Pool

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