Ecuador Teen Update

Buenas Dias to our family and friends!
We are close to halfway done pouring the concrete floor we’re working on. Our missionary says the kids are getting faster and working together better as they learn to pour better each time. We also have some team members laying the last sand layer in the septic tank pit, and others laying block for a small apartment and kitchen. In a few days, the Ecuadorian team members will arrive for their bootcamp, and we will get to help monitor their obstacle course, among other things. We are really excited to meet them all! The Ecuadorian leaders arrived today, and they have leader training for the next couple days before their team members arrive.
This Saturday, we are planning an afternoon and evening in Santo Domingo at the cultural center. We will get to learn about all the different tribes in Ecuador, their cultures, and their unique traditions. We hope to be able to send pictures after that trip!

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