BULA from beautiful but hot Fiji!

We thought we would give you an idea of what a day in Fiji is like. Mr. Paul wakes us up at 6 – right before the sun rises and we have till 6:15 to be at the eating area for count off. Then Mr. Paul leads us in a game. We have had to move to the back field as a family moved in and they have small children and we make a lot of noise. Then we have our morning snack – usually some type of cake or bread. Then it is off to work until 8 when we gather for breakfast. At 8:30 (usually), we have our private devotions until 9. Then we meet in the eating area for a time of sharing before going back to work. We work until noon when we have lunch. After lunch (12:45), we have library reading when we read mission biographies. Ms. Beth teaches us out of the book of James for Bible study after library reading. Then it is free/SB time (those who got in trouble have to do a job during this time). Sometimes, we treck down to the river for swimming and laundry during free time. We work again until 4:30 or 5 and then we have supper at 5:30. After supper we have free time until GG class (on MWF) and then group devotions at 7:30. We end every group devo singing the Doxology which is such an appropriate end to our day. Sometimes, we treck down to the river for swimming and laundry during free time.

This has been a busy week. We have been pouring the cap beams and should finish that tomorrow and then the trusses go up! We are waiting on paint and hope to paint the missionaries’ house. On Tuesday, 1/2 of the team went to a Hindu school where they shared the Gospel through music and puppets. They really enjoyed playing with the hundreds of school children. The next day the other half went to another Hindu school to do the same presentation.

The spiritual depth of many of these team members encourages me so much. They are interactive in Bible studies and have so much to share after personal and evening devotions. Even those who never would share are now sharing from their hearts. It’s hard to believe that we only have a little over a week left here. Not sure I want to let these kids go…

Here are some testimonies:

Kalia: Fiji is great and it’s just getting better. We have visited different Hindu schools where we played and shared the Gospel with the kids. Many memories and many pictures! See you soon! Muah

Sam Cap – Hey mom and dad! Fiji is going great. The weather is nice and cold at night. Hope all is well!

Luke – Hey mom, dad and Leanna! I am enjoying Fiji and I have gifts for you. I love this place. It is very nice. Love you guys!

Grace – Hey family! Fiji is so great! I have so much to tell you all when I get to you. I’m having such fun here and cannot wait to tell you all when I get home. Love you all and see you soon!

Shanson – Fiji is amazing and it is beautiful! I had the chance to go to an orphanage and help the kids learn about God. I also got a chance to go to a Hindu school and teach them more about God. My trip is life changing!

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