Camp has started again in Taiwan

Camp has started once again, but this time in a completely different place.  A couple of months ago when this Camp was being set up, the leaders wanted to hold it in a historical school about 20 minutes from Taichung.  The school is beautiful (sorry I don’t have photos of it this time).  It has never had any sort of religious program held in it in its 120 year history.  There are about 4 different organizations organizing this and participating.  When they advertised it, they said it would be a Camp to learn English and there would be Americans coming to help.  The program filled up to capacity in 20 minutes.  There are 105 children.  This morning I listened as they learned songs like Jesus Loves Me, and others about our amazing Creator and King of our life.  They then learned Jeremiah 51:15.  You must realize that we are in a neighborhood and community that is literally full of temples.  They worship the sea god here, and many others.  The church we are staying at is on a street where we have noticed many signs of Budism and worship of these other gods.  It is a darker place and we are all feeling the oppression.  We took time to go up onto Mt. Ao-Feng and pray.  We spent about an hour or more praying for many things…freedom for the people of Taiwan, that we might be a light and share God’s love with all we meet, that the Camp would reach these 105 children who they estimate to be 90-95% non Christian, for unity among the churches that are in Taiwan, and on and on.  It was powerful and I pray that each of your children understood how important this time was.  A good question for when they return.   I watched them this morning struggling with being tired and a little grouchy and we talked about how we are under attack here.  God is moving and the enemy is trying to stop it.  Please pray for us.

They are having a wonderful time here as the people are so hospitable and they even purchased new AC units for the rooms we are staying in.  The building we are living in is 4 stories and very skinny.  We do classes and eat on the first floor, the kitchen and girls room is on the 2nd floor, head leaders room on the 3rd floor and the boys have the 4th floor.  We are all getting in great shape doing so many flights of stairs and I haven’t heard any complaining.  They do have to take cold showers out of a bucket, but they are all just reminded of how thankful they are to have water to wash up at all.

Looking ahead, Friday and Saturday will be full with Camp and then Sunday we will move back to Panding Church after we worship together here at Jian Ching Church.  We will get settled back in and then begin a week of work projects.  They are holding an Architectural Camp Monday through Friday for kids and there will be professionals there to teach.  The church is in the process of building two container houses in their parking lot to assist in helping youth.  More to come as I learn more.  I ask questions, but sometimes the language doesn’t communicate what I really want to know.  

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of our 3rd week.  Time has gone by so fast and we are already looking ahead to finishing up strong and heading back home.  Please continue to pray that we stay healthy and that we can complete our projects next week.  

 Nicole L:  Hello Mom and Dad!  Taiwan is beautiful and amazing and this has to be one of the best experiences of my life.  A car after all this will be totally worth it.  I am in an amazing church in the middle of a city that doesn’t hold many believers.  In fact, we’re making history by teaching Jesus to kids in a school, that in 120 years of existence, has never had the Gospel uttered within its walls.  It would be totally awesome if you could pray for the people here (and us) while we host our VBS and spread the Word of God.  Love you!

Hope L:  Hey family and other people reading this, we have been working hard on getting ready for this weeks camp.  Today we walked up A LOT of stairs, to go to the top of a hill to pray for this weeks camp and for this area of Taiwan.  I am sad that the summer is almost over but am so excited to see you guys (not people I don’t know who are reading this, but I love you)

Caleb H:  Hello people I hath not viewed in more than a short while.  I am having a grand time in Taiwan; from losing $1000NT (about 30 US) worth of souvenirs to becoming the dragon warrior.  I forgot my bag on public transit and walked up a lot of stairs.  My growth in Christ has been expanded and I have really bonded with my teammates. Anyway, I’ll see you in several days (I don’t know how many), I love you ALL!

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