Greetings from Ethiopia!

Greetings from Ethiopia! A lot of the work project has been stop and go, but the team continues to get a lot done in one day. Elise H. enjoys being able to work with the team all day. While mixing concrete, Taryn B. and Jason B. have had a fun time trying to prevent any water from the mixture going to waste. While Joshua B. is great at doing many jobs, he tends to be our designated person to retrieve the large bags of cement for us. The team is eager to finish the work project, and to spend more time with the orphans.

I love being here in Ethiopia! The coffee is goals. I miss everyone! Thank you for all the encouraging letters! I love you! – Lauren H.

Hey Mom and Dad! Work is hard, but the food is great, and the orphans we see make my day! Love you guys and miss you guys! – Arielle I.

Ethiopia has been great! Knowing that we are doing a work for the Lord couldn’t make me happier! My teammates are growing together well, and getting to know the leaders is fun as well. God has continued to bless. – Luke H.

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