Greetings from Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky!

Greetings from Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky! The Indiana team has been stretched far in numbers this week. Our team along with the TTT volunteers have been evangelizing at 5 different county fairs. The Lord is doing mighty things! This week we have met several people who already know the Lord and several others that do not. Several of those people gave their lives to the Lord through the surveys! Others we continue to pray for together that the Lord would continue to water the seeds that have been planted. This weekend we will be sharing at 3 churches and the team is looking forward to rest and a time of fellowship with believers. At the fair one night our team member was trying to get these two boys to take the survey. The younger one agreed, he was ten, and by the end of the survey he had accepted the Lord. During that time the older brother had been watching. The team member then decided to offer one last time, the chance to take the survey. He agreed! After asking his age the team member asked “do you want to take the survey, or would you rather just hear about Jesus?” The boy answered ” just tell me about Jesus” both brothers accepted the Lord that night.

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