Hello again from the Holy Land!

Hello again from the Holy Land! These past few days have been fairly eventful. On Monday the team resumed work on the room at Hope School. We poured an extension for the back stairs, and on Tuesday we began filling the new clothesline patio with concrete. We also laid a lot more of the blocks for the building itself. After Tuesday, we ran out of some of our building materials, so we had to order more on Wednesday. We also finally picked up letters from the post office, which were much appreciated. That morning, we got to visit Bethlehem again. We went to the Church of the Nativity again because a few of us were sick the first time and couldn’t go. While we were there, we did a bit more souvenir shopping and stopped at KFC for a snack. 

Here’s a few more team member testimonies:
     My experience in Israel has been amazing! I have made amazing friends that I feel like I can trust. Going around Israel and sightseeing is incredible. I’m excited to get this project done! 
-Victoria E.
     Israel is so fun and different from any place that I have been! I love the cold weather in the mornings and at night. The city of Jerusalem is amazing! I can’t wait to get home and share all of our awesome  stories with friends and family back home! 
-Zoe B.
     In recent times we have worked hard, praised hard and prayed harder. Team members opening their hearts to us and the Lord. Every day here is a blessing, a blessing to serve God. 
-JohnMichael P.
     The climate here is great: dry, windy, and cool. The valleys and sunsets are great. Shout out to my family: thanks for supporting me. 
-August E.
     It’s been good every morning, we have been to Jerusalem 3 times and every time was different. Our project is going well. 
-Brady M.
     It’s amazing to be able to walk where Christ walked, and see where Christ was born and laid in death. I’d love to be able to wander and just get lost in Jerusalem. If given the opportunity I’d come back with no hesitations. 
-Thomas S.

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