Hello from wet southern Madagascar

The past few days have been cool and wet down here in Southern Madagascar.  The team is grateful for the sweatshirts that they purchased in Tana before coming down here because we have had a few stormy days.  But this weather has not stopped us from doing ministry.  The team continues to visit a new village everyday to distribute eyeglasses.

The village we visited yesterday had the largest turnout yet.  We were able to distribute over 115+ pairs of glasses and we conducted our medical clinic for over 5 hours.  After 5 hours of medical clinic we had distributed all of the medication we had brought for the day.  There were 75-100+ kids who showed up just to play games with the team and watch our dramas & songs.

On the home front, the crew that stays back at the base is diligently working at making our housing into a home.  They have installed gutters on all of our outbuilding to collect rainwater for bathing & the dish line.  Today, during our regular morning rainstorm we were able to fill a 5 gallon bucket in 1.5 minutes!  We are hoping that this will dramatically shorten our walk to water sources.

Looking ahead the team anticipates continuing to visit villages daily through next Wednesday.  Then we will transition towards some construction projects that we’re hoping to complete before we leave the base on August 1st.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  We continue to remain safe and healthy and everyone loves spending their days in the local villages.

A few words from the team members:

I’ve enjoyed going to the villages each day. My favorite was yesterday when I got to help the medical.  The stars here are incredible! – Shannon

When we first pulled up into the southern part of Madagascar the jungles were very beautiful.  The people are so kind and willing to help you out in any circumstance. And very humbling and quite the learning experience. – Andy

I think the coolest part is going out to the villages and seeing all the nationals.  I really enjoy that.  My favorite part is doing the medical assistance and playing with the kids.  I love Madagascar! – Karen

I’ve had some great moments at the villages.  God really showed himself while we gave glasses to many people.  We were able to see their faces light up with joy as they receive sight for the first time in a long time! – Halley

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