S. Africa helps with Sunday Schools

The Lord has been good to us… and we are grateful for His mercy and faithfulness. The weather has indeed been COLD. We’ve had frost on the worksite the past two mornings as we began our work. The team has now raised about 42 walls on the Tabernacle so only about six to go! We are grateful for all of the prayers for safety and good health… keep ‘em coming ! 🙂 All of the courtyard curtains were about 12 inches too tall and came in 60 pieces so the team has learned to cut them and hem the vinyl… the first finished curtains are now coming off the ‘assembly line’. The team again helped to run the two MSSM Sunday Schools on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both went very well. On Wednesday, the team involved the kids with them in the ‘drama’ and re-enacted the story of David and Goliath. It seems the kids really liked helping with that ‘skit’. They also were able to use the Saber and picture book in the Tswana language to help tell the weekly lesson story about the four friends who dropped their sick friend to Jesus’ from the roof. It has been a blessing to see the team members grow stronger in the Lord, in their relationships and in their work over this past week. We’ve had great insights from those who’ve shared verses after our morning devotion time. The members have also given good feedback during our study through the book of James… With two guitars and four ukuleles, we’ve had a good rotation of song leaders for evening devotions with Emily shouldering most of the nightly duties picking and leading songs. Miss Sharon has worked that past few nights building our fires (providing much welcome heat for team devotions). Alex Sami and the Guys have also pitched in with fire preparation. Miss Gay enjoyed here birthday this week with lots of kind notes from the team members and also a fun birthday song from the South Africa BMW students. The mail workers here have gone ‘postal’ and have now been on strike so we have not received any mail yet.

Joshua Y.

My first thought when I stepped off the plane into South Africa was, Wow! It’s cold here!” and my second thought was, “I don’t think I brought enough warm clothing.” After a few days it grew warmer and we were able to get warm gloves and hats, thanks to our leaders. Apart from the weather, it has been a great experience building a life-size Tabernacle and evangelizing to the people of South Africa. Currently we have almost finished raising all the walls to the Tabernacle and are more than halfway done setting up the outer fence. I pray that if the Lord wills, we will be able to see the finished Tabernacle. And I’m excited that we have more opportunities to share the Word of Jesus Christ.

Hannah B.

We have gotten a lot done on the Tabernacle. We have put up a lot of walls, as well as the fence line. We have also helped with MSSM. We get to play games with the kids before we teach the Bible stories. They really like the puppets. I have enjoyed working in the field and helping with MSSM.

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