The MSSM team is having a blast!!!

On Monday the team finished helping out the BMWs (Bible School students) with their work projects in the late morning then came inside for some extra memory verse quizzing/practice. The team members are getting really good at them! We did some presentation practice and had some time to catch up on laundry from the busy week of being on the circuit.

Tuesday we hopped back on the circuit and visited the same Sunday School/village as last Tuesday. It was awesome to be able to see the same kids again and they remembered their friends on the team and also joined in on the songs we sang for them. Wednesday was another full-day on the circuit, which meant another 5:45 wake-up call. The team members are really getting a hang of the bikes as we shaved off 30 mins from last week on the ride to the morning Sunday School. Again it was awesome to see the same kids and play with them again. We did Library Reading and Bible Study at the Sunday School after Miss Pat came out to deliver another delicious lunch! (Miss Pat has been keeping us all so well fed and the team member’s favorite meal is her sweet and sour chicken and rice). The afternoon Sunday School went well. Usually at the end we have a soccer match, but this village doesn’t have a very open area that can be used as a soccer field so we played keep away. It was just as fun and the team members got just as sweaty.

This morning (Thursday) we are doing our classes then starting packing preparation for our weekend trip to the waterfall! We leave Friday morning and should (Lord willing) arrive at the waterfall in the middle of the afternoon. The team members are very excited for this adventure. This afternoon we will venture out again to the far village we went to last Thursday. Sadly, this will be our last Sunday School as take-down for this team takes a couple days.

Prayers for safety on the bikes today and a great last Sunday School, also that the team members can be fully present and give their all this last week and half. Prayers for health are also greatly appreciated as the stomach issues have been moving through the team.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!!!

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