The team in PR is doing well!

The team in PR is doing well! They have been working really hard to do well all the projects that they are given. The most recent project they were able to accomplish was to lay out new tile to the floor of our hosts church. Before we showed up the floor was only half way done and the Pastor was unable to hire people to finish the job. He told us multiple times that it needed to get done because people in his congregation were tripping on the spot where the new tile floor stopped. We are able to finish up the entire floor for him so now his sanctuary has a flat surface to walk on. The team got to utilize their skill in block tying through this project and had fun doing something else besides cleaning. Thursday the team had their first opportunity to do a presentation in front of a group of kids. There is another group here from Texas and they are putting on a full weeks VBS similar to what is done in the States. Most of them are fluent in both English and Spanish so we asked it it would be ok to do a presentation in front of their group of kids for part of their program. They were really excited to receive. CJ’s birthday was Monday and Sophia’s was Tuesday so we had the opportunity to celebrate a little. The kids helping in the kitchen got to pick a dessert that they thought their teammates would like and got to make that for dinner. We have candles here too so they were even able to blow out candles after we sang Happy Birthday to them before we ate dinner. We also tried to make one of the meals be something that they like to eat and were given the front of the line to get food all day.

It can be hard sometimes with the language barrier, but besides that everyone here is very friendly. The pastor is very generous. There have been some trials but God has brought us out of them, we have learned from our mistakes and we are wiser with what we do now. Luke G.

I’ve learned that even though we are from totally different places we are really alike. We get together and get along. Anica L.

Here we have learned that even though we are different in a lot of ways we can put that aside and become really good friends. Lane Z.

I have learned a lot of things here. The main one is the generosity of the people here. They will offer you anything and everything. There were a few recked houses we cleaned out and a lot of trash picking upping. I am glad we get to serve the community of Puerto Rico we are in and would do it again. Caeleb M.

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