Zambia Report–July 16

Because of the team being in the bush, they have had difficulties sending the last few reports. We have received three reports that they have typed over the last week, and will post them all separately, 

July 16

Greeting from Wangibisha!
On Saturday, 14 July 2018, we moved from the Mark A. Overbay Rescue Unit (Lufy) to Wangibisha which is where the Zambian Orphan Boot Camps are held. The area is open with trees on the outside edges and the weather continues to be cool in the morning and night time which is a relief after the warm days. The stars out here are brilliant and we can see the Milky Way better than any place any of us have ever seen it before.

Before leaving the last rescue unit, the team got to eat a national meal of Nshima, chicken, and greens. Nshima is the staple food of Zambia. It is made from ground cornmeal that is boiled until the consistency of thick mashed potatoes. It is normally eaten by being balled and dipped into a side dish of meat or beans.
Preparing the chicken was an exciting time for the team. Some team members even had the opportunity to help with the killing, cleaning, and cooking of the birds. It was a unique experience that helped the team to understand more of what life is like for those who live in Zambia.
The team is getting strong carrying water buckets. We are all extremely thankful that the well here is only about 300 feet away. Because the waster is clean and clear, it helps keep our filters running well.

On Sunday, the team had the opportunity to go to the local church which is about 4 kilometers away. This one was more rugged then the last church, with log for the chairs and no walls. The team enjoyed the experience. The pastor of the church ask the team in to lead a song in the national language, and then they only knew one song so they ended up singing it three times! It is always a blessing to get to worship god with believers of other nations.

After finishing up the well at Lufy, the team is excited to start the second well. Today (Monday) they are starting the process of setting up again and hope to be done with this well in time to go to our third site on Saturday.

Our team continues to be unified and gets along well. It is amazing how close knit this team has become. They all have each others backs and even remind each others to take care of themselves and do things like brush their teeth. They are making friendship that will last for years to come.

When moving to this location, the team was hoping that they would be able to sleep through the night without  being woken up by a rooster. However, they soon discovered in the first night here at Wangibisha also has a rooster. He crows just as much as the last one, but hey, at least we’re getting used to it… kinda.

We are praying that all is well with each of our families. We miss everybody but want you all to know we are happy to have this opportunity in Zambia. We ask that you please continue to pray for us. Please pray that this seconds well will go smoothly and we will be able to move next Saturday to our third location that needs a well. While you are praying, please also pray on our behalf for safety, team work, spiritual growth, and sweet sleep.

Isabel D:
Among many things the Lord is teaching me in Africa, one of the biggest is finding joy in all circumstances . So in honor of finding joy in everything, here is a poem:
“See a sunrise every day,
Hear the children start to play,
Smell the breakfast in the pan, 
Later smell delicious Spam,
Feel the cold when it is night,
And the heat when it is light,
Feel the love of children’s hugs,
Feel the present of snakes and bugs,
Feel your love for what you do,
For family, friends, and Jesus too.”
I am doing well here and love and miss my family.

May W:
We have the first well done and it’s getting clean water to the people. We start today on the next well and I am more than ready. I feel like God is bringing me closer to Him through prayer. There are so many things that could have gone wrong in the past 2 weeks but when we stopped and prayed about it, God helped us through it. We thank God for everything He has a given us and we praise Him for the things to come.
“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks for this is God’s will for you in this Christ Jesus.”

Julia K:
During my time here, God has really helped me to have patience and compassion toward my teammates. He has helped me by filling my heart full of love, not only for my teammates, but also toward the smiley children of Zambia. God has really helped me to be kind and patient instead of getting frustrated.

Kalina B:
It is so amazing to be here in Zambia. We finished our first well and we are at a new site and starting another one. This team has truly because a family and we all have so much love and friendship for one another. We found that our favorite foods to make are donut holes and Indian fry bread, but all the food is amazing. God is really showing us incredible things while we are here, and it has been such a blessing.

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