Zambia Well–July 19

All is well with team Zambia however we are having issues sending reports due to our location in the bush.

The team is working hard to complete the well in time to move Saturday. They reached water at 10M and drilled to 17.4M.  Their goal is to set up the drainage path and a concrete base for the well.

Everybody is in good health and we are really enjoying our time at the Wangabisha Rescue Unit. All the necessaries are being accomplished also: eating well, bathing, and laundry.

The weather has been cool here in the bush. We had 2 cloudy days that were cooler than the average and at night it is quite cool but thankfully we have extra blankets that help keep us warm.

We apologise for such a short report. I know parents would rather have long reports, but we are happy to get you at least a little info to keep you going.


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