Zambia Well–July 22

Well #2 is complete! We are excited to get going on #3. We have safely arrived at the Lumanto Matron’s Unit. There are about 155 girls but there are usually have up to 180.

We have electricity in the kitchen and a water tap out front. We are still in tents, but we are used to them and they provide a good measure of privacy so we are quite happy with them. At night we sit and eat dinner around the fire that also keeps us warm during devos.

The weather here is warmer here than our last location but Mr. Justin and Ms. Hannah are freezing. The sun is warm and comfortable during the day.
We expect to start the 3rd well tomorrow morning and with God’s grace we will have it done by Saturday when we need to return to Ndola.

Please keep praying for us for safety, continued unity, that the Lord would grow our faith, that our vehicles run well with no breakdowns, and that we would find good sweet water at a good depth.

Thank you always for all your support and love.


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