Ethiopia Update

Thursday afternoon, after a morning of work, the team went to spend time with the kids at the orphanage. Luke H. enjoys spending time with the kids and spent time giving balloons to the kids along with the rest of the team. When working hard Friday morning, some of the local kids helped the team carry buckets of water from the river to the worksite. The assistant leader, Grace S., treated the team to their first chance of trying sugar cane.  Chimdee, our missionary, showed the team the most effective way to go about trying the sugar cane. Saturday was the day that the team worked extremely hard to get a lot done on the worksite, even while it rained on and off all day. Even while the natives on the worksite went for cover when it rained, the team persevered through and worked hard to get much done before the team leaves for Debrief. Because of their hard work they got to enjoy the super market for the last time afterwards. Sunday, the team had an interesting morning. It started out with a rainy morning that looked as if it wasn’t going to end any time soon. We had to wait quite a bit of time before we could leave for church. Once we left, we took our usual route, but found that the river we usually crossed was flooded and uncrossable. Going a different route, we ended up going across a thin strip of land that was over the flooded river. Head leader, Brandon and a local helped each kid over and we eventually made it to church. The team really enjoyed this church because they preached about coming together as one group to Fellowship Christ. There were two pastors speaking two different languages and it really added to the experience. The kids also got to be apart of this experience when they did their presentation. They enjoyed singing a song that crossed between English and Aromic. The team greatly enjoys Ethiopia and can’t wait to spend Debrief here as well.

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