Fiji team’s final week in Fiji

BULA from Fiji! A week from tonight and we are on our way back to the States! The time has literally flown by!

The team has continued to work hard and play hard. The missionaries’ house is painted and it looks so good. The cap beams are all poured and just waiting on the trusses. The trusses will be reinforced tomorrow.

On Tuesday, the team will be taking a short boat ride to an island where we will spend the day swimming and snorkeling. We are all looking forward to this outing. We hope to finish up our souvenir shopping late Tuesday afternoon.

On Friday, we went into town to spend time with the youth of the church we have been attending. Although not many came, we all had a great time of singing and games. Before they arrived (on Fiji time), we were able to have a quiz off and evening devos. It was a late night back to camp, so Mr. Paul let us sleep in for an extra hour.

Today we went to a different church that was about 1/2 an hour away. We saw the ocean for the first time and stopped for a better look on our way back. He service was great. We sang a couple of songs and did a drama. Tim and Grace shared. The church then fed us a delicious meal of chicken and sausage along with fresh veggies and some of their native foods. It was great!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and doing verse reviews. We will be having another quiz off after evening devos before going to bed. Karissa will be sharing tonight.

The weather continues to be nice. It can get hot during the day, but the evenings and mornings are cool. We have only experienced sprinkling of rain and that is rare.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Please pray that everyone will finish strong.

Here are some testimonies:

Logan – Hey Mom and Dad! I’m having a great time. We’ve accomplished so much in what seems so little time.

Nathan – Hey Ohio people (family)! Fiji is so nice and pretty. Can’t wait to show you pictures. Love you guys. Only a few more days.

Chris – I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Fiji! I’ve learned a lot about God and block laying.

Alec – Life in Fiji has been pretty cool. I’ve seen and learned a lot of new stuff. I feel quite at home and wouldn’t mind staying.

Karissa – I absolutely love Fiji! All the children at the orphanage and the school were my favorite parts. Leaving is going to be a challenge. I’m excited to be home and share all I have learned!

Emily – We are almost finished with the building! Aim sad to leave, but excited to see you again soon. I love and miss you tons!

Oscar – Hey everyone! The work project is finishing up nicely. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Camdin – Hey, so BULA! So we will be going to an island on Tuesday and it will be fun! We will be home soon which will make me happy!

Alex – I am having a great time in Fiji. I almost got lost in the jungle. I am eating a lot!

Erica – Fiji is amazing and the culture is interesting. The building project is going great and we are almost finished. I miss you guys but Fiji is most definitely worth it for me. I’ve got some great friends and even though it sometimes is hard, I wouldn’t trade it for a bag of Gummie Bears.

Koleen – This summer  has been life changing and I have learned so much! Jesus has been working in me by challenging me every day by memorizing Bible verses. I keep going when times are tough. I can’t wait to get home and tell everyone about my great experiences!

Conner – Hey family (and everyone else reading this). The building has been going up wonderfully. We had the opportunity to minister at a Hindu school. I’ve met some amazing people here and it is so cool to see how God is always working and present in our lives!

Elena – Hey Mom and Dad! Fiji is really great! The building project is going really well and it looks really good. I love you and miss you!

Christina – Hey mom! Hope you got my letters! I am having a great time. We are going to the beach on Tuesday. See you soon. Love you!

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