Forest Angels continue on

Forest Angels continue on! Sunday we went to Crossbridge, a Nazarene church. We got to share a song and introduce ourselves at both services we attended.

Monday found us getting up early (4:30 a.m.) so we could go to House of Hope again. We got to do more things as we were the only volunteer group there. The kids enjoyed serving the people who came for food (homeless and low income)—850 this time. They also grew attached to the people they worked with and were sorry that they would not see them again.

Tuesday was a normal work day. The team worked on getting the many wheelbarrows that Teen Missions uses in the summer put away, which was a bit tricky since they go up on a second level in a pole barn. They also swept and cleaned out the areas in the other side where they worked on the picnic tables.

Wednesday found us heading west to Orlando where we visited the Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters. The kids enjoyed the activities in the Discovery Center, learning about some of the people groups where translation work was finished and some facts about early translation work. Did you know that the first translation from the original languages was in Latin back in the 1500’s? There was a place where they could try on different costumes and pack a canoe with supplies. After lunch in the village cafe and shopping in the gift store, we headed over for our tour of the Jesus Film Project at Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). It was very interesting to learn about all the translation work done to get this film in the heart language of many people groups. One of our girls got to read Spanish over the original English dialogue. We then got to see the film clip with Nikki’s voice doing the dialogue! We also talked about how sometimes you get to eat some “interesting” foods in other parts of the world and a few got to eat sour cream & onion flavored crickets— probably not a flavor you’d find in whatever local that crickets are eaten! The best part in this leader’s opinion was seeing how excited the kids were when they could buy their own copy of the Jesus Film!

Thursday found us doing more clean-up work. The kids are getting into quizzing and we try to do some twice a day. They also have to say a verse before they are served their food at mealtime. It seems to be working well. No one has gone hungry yet! That night we ate with the summer staff and provided the meal—Indian Tacos, delicious and a big hit with everyone.

Friday was another sightseeing day— we went to see the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral and learned about the area, thousands of years ago and up to the present day. Each floor was dedicated to a different aspect of the area: history, space, the port (cruise ships and cargo ships), with the top floor being an observation deck where we could see much of the port. It gave us a good overall look at what we learned when we volunteered at Seafarer’s last week. Afterwards, we went to Jetty Park where we had lunch, played on the playground and jumped around in the ocean. A full day!

With just a few team days left before we start Debrief, we will be cleaning up our work areas, getting the motorbikes ready for storage and finishing up miscellaneous items— there’s always something else to do. This Sunday, we will be going to a nearby church for a presentation. They’ve given us 20 minutes, a fair amount of time to fill. And then there’s the team banquet. Don’t tell, but we’re going to have fried chicken and root beer floats for dessert!

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