Greetings from Hope School in Palestine! 

Every day we wake to a beautiful view and stand in wondered we imagine Israelites camped against Philistines and David battling the giant, Goliath. It has been amazing to see the places where Biblical events took place and imagine witnessing them. 

On Thursday, we went back to Jerusalem and volunteered at Christ Church again.  We spent the morning cleaning guest areas, the Church, the grounds and helping with in the kitchen and laundry. They serve us a delicious lunch to thank us and then we spend the afternoon touring around Jerusalem. We saw David’s Tower and the remains of Here’s castle and then shopped for souvenirs.  Friday and Saturday we continued our work project at Hope School.  We have finished the block on two walls and poured the headers for the windows. We also finished the concrete pad and will now pour a sidewalk leading the the pad for clothes lines. 
The team works hard and works well together.  They are being a tremendous witness as we spend time in Jerusalem.  
Sunday we went to church in the Old City at The Church of the Redeemer.  The Church was beautiful and the service was attended by another large group of teens from America.  We comprised most of the worshippers in the service.  After church, we walked around the Old City, visited the Temple Mount and toured the Rockefeller Museum that houses a lot of artifacts from ancient times.  It was very interesting. I think most of us have completed our souvenir shopping are are excited to bring gifts home to family and friends. 
We have been blessed to hear testimonies from August, Hannah, Claire and Hayden recently in evening devotion time.  All the Team members are doing great at learning their verses and are getting very competitive in quizzing. 
On Tuesday, we are planning to go see Masada, Herod’ s fortress, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan River.   
From the Team:
Hayden:  being in Israel has been a life changing experience.  It has opened my eyes to the rest of the world and to the ministry and has been an exciting trip.  Our leaders have been very careful, attentive and wise.  
Ethan:  I am really enjoying my time here. I really enjoy growing closer to the Team and seeing lots of really cool places. I am excited for all the work getting done. 
Craniesha:  The Holy Land has been fun. The work project is turning out good.  Our team has been great and I have seen God working in each and every one of my team members lives. I am really enjoying my time here. I could not ask for a better team.  
Aaron:  Being in the Holy Land really makes the Bible come to life. I am finally able to visualize correctly where certain events took place. It’s really amazing to think that I walked in the same place as Jesus did. The project at Hope School is going well and we are making a lot of progress. It’s so cool that Bethlehem is in the background on another hill. I love here and I’m so glad I came. 
Cameron:  God has answered my prayers and has shown me more than I could ever understand. 
Keep praying!!
The Holy Land Team

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