Hello again from wet Madagascar! (Eyeglass)

Hello again from wet Madagascar!  Our base coordinator has been telling us that he hasn’t seen this much rain in the 6 years he has lived here.  It has added a new challenge to the team as there is mud everywhere we go, all of our clothing has mud from the knee  down and our boots are often caked with mud.  We pray for a few precious hours of sun or wind to dry our clothing which is often receiving 2-3 rinses before they actually dry.  Everyone knows to not go out without their poncho because often it can be sunny outside and then we are suddenly surprised by a burst of tropical rain.  But in spite of all this rain, we continue to be impressed with the wonderful attitudes of the team members.  They continue to be excited about visiting villages and distributing eyeglasses.

This past week we continued to visit a new village each day.  We have also continued to distribute over 100+ pairs of glasses at each village.  One of the most heartbreaking aspects of this ministry has been the medical clinics.  Although many people visit us with backaches and stomach aches from working in the fields or doing manual labor, there are sometimes people who come who we can not help.   The team eagerly prays with everyone who visits the medical or vision clinic but it’s hard because many of the medical needs we can not meet, we recognize that if they lived in the United States they could receive so much better medical care than we can offer.  But the team does it best and prays…a lot!

As we look ahead we have almost visited every village that is on the MSSM circuits, 14 in all.  We will finish up our village visits on Wednesday, Lord willing.  Then we will spend our last few days doing some much needed construction projects around the base.

Thank you for all of your prayers for safety and our summer ministry. Pray that the sun returns and we can wash and dry all our clothes before we leave the base next week.

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